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Who Really is “Me?”

Who Really is “Me?”

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I am a “new” stay at home mom. I say “new” since it’s been 9 months, but I still consider myself a newbie finding her way. The time has flown by, but I am still trying to grasp things. How do you juggle raising a 2 year old while keeping the house clean, but keeping yourself sane? It can be a win-win or a lose-lose depending on the day.

The one thing I struggled with, and still struggle with, is what more can I do for myself? I have worked hard to put a great schedule into place with the focus on my daughter, Leah. She goes to story time and play dates at least twice a week.

I am also a member of MOPS (Mother of Pre-Schoolers) where I meet with other moms while my child gets to hang out with other children her age. The best part? They offer free babysitting during the meetings! That means she gets time away from me while I meet new friends. My daughter is also in gymnastics and will be starting a play group for 2 ½ hours a week at our local recreation center. Basically, I have it down for her. But what about me? Am I more than ‘just’ a stay at home mom?


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I used to enter sweepstakes and loved winning things. I found it took too much time up to win anything! Then I moved onto lots of couponing. Leah was great while shopping when she was 1. I would go to 3 stores a day and she’d be a trooper. I was saving so much money and we got to try new products and food. Then my daughter decided she hated shopping carts. The struggle continued.

Next up? Surveys. I would spend hours a day taking surveys. I earned $80 in a month and a half, but I got bored. Recently I thought about reselling items on Amazon, but again, time with a 2 year old who hates shopping carts wouldn’t work.

I started thinking about what I really wanted. I wanted to be connected, but at the same time I was deleting my connections on social media. Makes sense, right? Then it hit me. I wanted to blog, again. Not like my old blog where I was in college and didn’t know where I was going, but ACTUALLY blog. I wanted to walk you through my struggles and my accomplishments. I wanted to introduce you to the world I have lived and will live as the years go on as a stay at home mom.

We are trying for our second child and the thought of juggling being pregnant with a 2 year old scares the crap of me. You can imagine my thought once we actually have two on top of everything I am doing now, but you get to be with me along the way. Sit back and enjoy my stories, un-craftiness ideas, recipes, giveaways, tips, couponing, and just about anything that comes with being me.

What do you for yourself in life? Are you a stay at home mom? Let me know in the comments below!


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