• 2018 December income report. How I make money from home with a mommy blog that's less than a year old. Includes tips and ideas to make extra money with a blogging business you'll love. #momblogger #bloggingtips #bloggerlife #makemoneyfromhome #bloggingadvice

    December Blog Income Report -2018

    December Blog Income Report – It’s the last income report of the year, which is exciting, yet sad. The end of December means the end of the holiday season and possible drops in page views and ad revenue in January. December has been a great month as I continue to use the principles explained in Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers. It’s been an amazing course that has increased my affiliate income dramatically for the holidays. Top 10 Posts from December 5 Mistakes You’re Making with your Air Fryer Best Games for 2 Year Olds How to Discipline a 2 Year Old How to Reheat Pizza in an Air Fryer Air Fried…

  • Easy Valentine's Day crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. Use simple supplies such as paper, feathers, conversation hearts, and paint to have a fun DIY day with the kids! #craftsforkids #craftsfortoddlers #valentinecrafts #toddleractivities #toddlercrafts
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    Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

    Nothing makes a day more fun than making cute homemade crafts. What makes it even more meaningful? Making a paper craft for a holiday, like Valentine’s Day! Preschoolers and toddlers love being creative and exploring with different textures, shapes, and ideas. It can be tough to find what to make, especially at a toddler level. That’s why I put together a list of Valentine’s Day crafts for toddlers to enjoy these cute crafts and put a smile on your child’s face. Easy Photo Valentine Wreath Craft for Kids from Simple Every Day Mom Valentine’s Day comes after the highly anticipated Christmas season. Toddlers and even preschoolers are still getting over…

  • Fun indoor activities and ideas for kids at home. Make the most of the cold, rainy days on spring break and find simple things to do as indoor recess! #toddleractivities #kidactivities #rainydays #preschoolactivities #preschoolers
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    Spring Break Ideas for a Rainy Day

    Spring break can get stressful. The kids are all home for a week. The weather is getting warmer, so you want them outside, but then it rains. So what can you do with a toddler on a rainy day? It seems like toddlers and preschoolers get bored within minutes of the same thing and need constant attention. Here are 30 spring break ideas for a rainy day to make that week at home much more memorable and entertaining. These are activities for preschoolers that will keep them occupied and engaged. These ideas can be used for any rainy day or rainy weekend at home to keep  your toddler or preschooler…

  • Fun Valentine's Day activities for preschoolers. Valentines games with hearts, numbers, and minute to win it. Cute ideas for elementary school, preschool, and toddlers this holiday! #valentinesdayactivities #valentinesdayideas #activitiesforkids #preschoolactivities #toddleractivity
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    Valentine’s Day Games and Activities for Preschoolers

    Valentine’s Day is such a exciting holiday to get into the games and activities spirit with toddlers and preschoolers. With such a fun-filled November and December, February seems like a long ways away for the next holiday. I love the placement of Valentine’s Day though, even if it is deemed a Hallmark holiday. Usually by this time parents, like you, are struggling to find ideas to entertain their kids throughout the winter. You can’t go outside, and the kids are getting sick of their Christmas presents (yes, already!). These Valentine’s Day activities are perfect to get your kids back to being occupied with heart shapes, printable, games to play, and…

  • A simple schedule for spring cleaning. Keep your house clean with this free printable checklist calendar. Includes tips and tricks to complete each task easily to get your life, and home, back on track! #springcleaning #cleaningtips #homecleaningtips #30daychallenge #cleaningtricks
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    30 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

    It’s time for a 30 day Spring Cleaning Challenge! Often times I want to clean my house, but I don’t know where to start. I get stuck doing every day house cleaning and I slack on the not so noticeable places (think under the stove). Here is a simple 30 day house cleaning challenge, complete with a spring cleaning calendar. Now you can feel relieved to have a clean house in time for summer! If you’re looking to get organized beyond this challenge, you’re going to LOVE the Organized Home course by Hilary over at Pulling Curls. The course is perfect if: You get anxiety from all the clutter around…

  • Awesome tips to increase Pinterest traffic as a blogger. This social media strategy will teach you how to get more website views and grow your Pinterest account through Tailwind. #pinterestmarketing #pinteresttips #pintereststrategy #socialmediamarketing #socialmediatips

    How to Drive 3x More Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest

    Pinterest can be a great source of driving traffic to your blog, especially if you’re a new blogger. It’s so easy to increase Pinterest views and promote your business if you do it the right way. The problem with Pinterest is how pins can go viral for 3 days and then you just watch your traffic drop again. What if there was a consistent way to get your blog noticed and grow your Pinterest following while being time conscious as well? Sounds amazing, right? I am going to tell you how you can create a simple Pinterest traffic strategy so you can drive people to your blog and make money……

  • An awesome schedule to potty train girls and boys in just 3 days. Includes tips on regression to get kids back on the toilet. Works for an 18 month old and up. Includes free printable potty chart and completion certificate! #potty #toddlerlife #parentinghacks #mommylife #pottytraining
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    What Really Happens During a 3 Day Potty Training Boot Camp

    Potty training a toddler can be a dreadful task. Your child has all the signs of potty training checked, so why isn’t it easy? After 6 months you may still be seeing no progress and left wondering where you’re going wrong. Whether you’re just starting the process or have been at it for months, it’s just not a fun time to experience with your toddler.  We started potty training our 2 year old a few months ago. We got her to willingly sit on the potty and even had a collection of books and songs to make the process a little easier. Still, we saw no progress happening and we…

  • 8 weird first trimester early pregnancy signs and symptoms. Don't fear the unknown in pregnancy. Educate yourself with these very overlooked symptoms that include more than just morning sickness and cramping all before your missed period. #momtobe #mommytobe #pregnancy #firsttrimester #momblogger
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    8 Weird Early Pregnancy Symptoms Everyone Must Know About

    Pregnancy is a huge part of any woman’s life. Not knowing whether you’re pregnant or not can be so stressful. Thankfully, there are some weird, but true early pregnancy symptoms that pop up even before your missed period. Some people believe early pregnancy symptoms can start the first week of pregnancy. This is inaccurate. Technically, weeks 1 and 2 of pregnancy are before you even take part in any sexual activity. So how soon do you start feeling like you’re pregnant? You can start to have those first signs of pregnancy in week 3 before you get a positive pregnancy test result. Technology is getting better and better by the…

  • Healthy Super Bowl snacks and appetizer recipes. Easy to make for the big game with homemade crispy chicken wings, onion rings, donuts, and more. #superbowlparty #superbowlfood #airfryerrecipes #foodrecipes #foodblog
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    21 Delicious and Easy Air Fryer Super Bowl Recipes

    21 Delicious and Easy Air Fryer Super Bowl Recipes – Everyone loves finger foods on game day, but it can be difficult to put a party menu together. What foods should you serve? Should it be gourmet? Should it be made ahead? It can take a lot of thought for football party. So why not put your air fryer to the test with these easy recipes? You can cook everything from crispy chicken wings to appetizers to healthy dessert recipes. The bonus? You can still make things keto, gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan! Here are 21 tasty air fryer recipes to serve to have the best Super Bowl party…

  • november blog income report

    November Blog Income Report – 2018

    November Blog Income Report – November has been a long, but important month for the site. I put a lot of effort into making crucial steps to making my future as a blogger more real. This month that meant making a few bigger purchases. I learned it’s so important to keep learning and educating yourself on how blogging works. You can think you know everything, but if you take just one more course, you realize quickly that’s not the case. That’s honestly why I love the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. It’s so many resources bundled up in one low price, so I can learn ALL year round! It won’t be available…