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Bump Update: Week 12

Bump Update: Week 12

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It’s my last week in the 1st trimester! Hopefully that means I am in the clear from nausea and fatigue (fingers crossed). At week 12, our baby is officially the size of a plum. It’s crazy how much the baby is growing every week!

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A Few Week 12 Highlights


Activity Level

My energy and motivation has increased the last 2 weeks. I have taken it as a sign to start a prenatal workout program. I now strive to workout 5 days a week. 3 days of strength training with dumbbells and 2 days of cardio that includes running and/or riding on out stationary bike. My determination comes from gaining 55 pounds my last pregnancy and my leg giving out in labor. My thigh didn’t work for about 3 days afterward. I have vowed to be healthier and more active this pregnancy.


This week

Days of Strength Training: 3

I was able to increase my weights on a few exercises already in the prenatal program, so I am pretty excited about that!

Days of Cardio: 1 (running)

Distance: 2.65 miles at 12:30 pace (+.4 miles, +0 pace) – includes warm-up and cool down


Pre-pregnancy: +.8lbs

This week: +.8lbs





If you haven’t already read my 9 Best Ways to Stop All Day Morning Sickness, head on over there now. Potato chips and water are among the things that helped me get over my morning sickness. I rarely get any nausea now, but when I do, they help me within minutes. I probably am eating too many potato chips right now, but they just work so well!

Feeling like myself

I tend to feel depressed while pregnant. It is not a symptom I enjoy and created a hatred for pregnancy the first time around. When I was pregnant with Leah, I was depressed until about the 20-23 week mark. This time, it was worse the first few weeks than last time, but has since disappeared. I think being more active has helped my endorphins kick in making me feel happier.


This pregnancy is so different than my first because I now have a toddler running around. If I feel nauseous or have low energy, I still have to take care of her all day. I’ve also been a little more irritable this pregnancy than relaxed and care free the first time around. I’m hoping it will pass and I will stop being annoyed as easily as I have been lately.


Cravings and Aversions


  • Gala apples
  • Almonds as an after workout snack
  • Vegetable soup
  • Indulging in 2 Dark Chocolate with Almonds nuggets to keep my chocoholic self in check
  • Wine (I even want a Rose and I’ve never even had one!) – Obviously I am not drinking it, just craving it


  • Eggs – I can eat them if I don’t see them in what we are having, but I cannot cook with them myself
  • Milk – I was almost lactose free a few weeks ago, but I am slowly adding this in. I still will not drink a glass of milk though
  • Cooking – I just made dinner for the first time this week in more than a month since cooking with incomplete ingredients has put me off food. Hoping this keeps up!

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My week 12 bump date that includes bump progession pics, symptoms, cravings, activity, and more. I will be posting bump pictures weekly during my pregnancy. Watch my pregnancy belly week to week grow and develoo into a precious baby. #pregnancy #pregnancyproblems #bumpupdate

Answering some questions and remarks I’ve been getting a lot

I’ve been getting a lot of questions this pregnancy. Some are warranted and others are just annoying (told you I was more irritable). Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you’re looking for ways to talk about my pregnancy, just ask me how I am feeling, how excited we are, or about Leah. Please skip the ones that annoy me, or praise me on them.

Am I Finding out the Gender?

We are! Kudos to the parents that wait until they have the baby to find out. I just like to plan ahead of time and be prepared. We have baby girl clothes, but if we have a boy, we will need to stock up on clothes and I will not want to do that when the baby is born.

This time will be a little different than last time though. We are hoping to find out the baby’s gender at our actual gender reveal. Last time we found out at the ultrasound then let everyone else know. I think it would be cool to find at the same time as everyone else. I hope our plan works out! Ask me about this? Yes!

Does Leah know she’s going to be a big sister?

She does! I actually do like this question because I think Leah has been so cute throughout the pregnancy thus far. She gives my tummy kisses, tells me how she’s going to be a big sister and talks about the baby. We try to be as open as possible with her and keep talking about the baby. I also have friends who have babies that are only a few months old, so I explain how we will be having a baby in our home too. Ask me about this? Yes!

What Do I Think the Baby Will Be? What Do I Want the Baby To Be?

Let me start by saying I hate these questions. I have no idea what the baby will be. If I do have an intuitive thought of the sex of the baby, I’m not going to tell you since that means in 8 weeks I will have to hear the “oh it’s not what you thought” or that it wasn’t what I wanted. I am happy with a healthy baby whether the baby is a girl or a boy. Ask me about this? No!


I Bet You Must Want a Boy!

I am guilty of this question in the past and will never ask anyone it again. Just because I have a girl does not mean I will be disappointed with a girl. I grew up with 2 sisters, so having another girl will be just as great as having a boy. Ask me about this? No!

Don’t Push Too Hard Through Your Workouts

If there is one question or remark I hate the most, it’s this one. Yes, I am working out. Yes, I sometimes will be in pain from workouts, but I am a grown adult and know my body. I know that my body loves these workouts and has given me more energy. I know that it is actually important for me to workout, not just to feel better, but to help me through labor. I have ran and worked out for years so I know when I am pushing too much. I have started a prenatal program for that reason. It is tailored to pregnant woman, so I don’t push too hard and keeps me and the baby healthy. Feel free to tell me how great it is that I’m working out and staying healthy, but I hope to never hear the lecture of not pushing too hard. Ask me about this? NO!


Stay tuned for more bump updates on the blog and through my FB page!

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