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9 Easy Ways to Stop All Day Morning Sickness

9 Easy Ways to Stop All Day Morning Sickness

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Let me start by saying all-day pregnancy nausea sucks. Whoever created the name “morning” sickness was confused because it doesn’t just happen in the morning.

I was one of those pregnant women who experienced all day morning sickness with both of my pregnancies.

This second pregnancy was much worse than the first, so I was forced to find different ways to overcome it.


9 easy ways to stop first trimester nausea in its tracks. Useful tips and tricks for all day morning sickness remedies . Being pregnant doesn't have to be tough. Make it the best possible with these pregnancy nausea relief ideas and remedies. #pregnancyproblems #pregnancy #baby #parenting #familygoals.



9 Easy Ways to Stop All Day Morning Sickness




Sea bands were a lifesaver in my first pregnancy. I wish I had remembered to wear them more often this time around. You simply wear them as wristbands and move on with your day.

They work by using acupuncture on the Nei-Kuan point in your wrist. The bands even work for motion sickness!

I found these most beneficial while working. If you have a fast-paced job, it can be tough to find time to deal with the morning sickness.

This helps you combat it in a natural way. You can just put them on and forget about them.


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Preggo Pop Drops

Pregnancy morning sickness is a tough time. You’re craving sweet or salty food, but those foods may not agree with you during all-day pregnancy nausea.

Turns out sour foods are great to eat when you’re feeling nauseous. That means you can grab a lemon to suck on and it will help.

If that doesn’t sound appealing (it didn’t to me either), you can buy Preggie Pop Drops. They’re like sour candies designed specifically for pregnancy nausea.

They also contain Vitamin B6, which helps lower morning sickness even more.

They’re insanely cheap and worked wonders during my morning sickness at work.

If I felt nauseous in a meeting, I could just put a drop in my mouth to suck on. Imagine how weird that would look sucking a lemon at the office!

The drops are gluten-free, kosher, vegan, and completely safe while pregnant for you and the baby. I ended up eating 2 or 3 a day during the worst parts of my pregnancy nausea.


Real Ginger

Ginger is known worldwide for helping nausea. It’s a remedy your mom, your grandma, and even great-grandma probably used.

I don’t know about you, but when I was nauseous, I didn’t want to prepare anything. That includes buying and slicing fresh ginger.

Ginger ale is a great way to incorporate ginger into your diet to help ease morning sickness without needing to prepare it.

Check the ingredients in the ginger ale to make sure it does include natural ginger. I went through about 4 or 5 big name brands before I found one with actual ginger.

If you can’t find any ginger ales with real ginger, or just don’t like the taste of ginger ale, you can use these Tummydrops that help relieve upset stomachs due to nausea.

They’re completely vegan and gluten-free. I would switch between the Preggie Pop Drops and these Tummydrops depending if I wanted something sweet or sour.

Since they are for all upset stomachs, I use the remaining drops now postpartum to help with any stomach issues.



Lots of Water

When I first started getting all day morning sickness, I struggled to even want to drink water. It seemed that whenever I would get myself to drink it, it made me more nauseous.

That was actually why. I barely drank it! Once I made an effort to drink water more frequently, I saw my nausea start dwindling away.

The recommendation is to drink at least 10 8 oz. glasses of water each day. This can be tough without a plan.

While working during my first pregnancy, I carried around a water bottle everywhere and made it a goal to finish it by lunchtime and again by the end of the day.

Now as a stay at home mom, I have a glass of water on the counter at all times. Every time I even just pass through the kitchen, I take a few big sips.

I also take a water bottle to every play date and keep it in the car when I can’t bring it in.

I now use this water bottle to help keep track of how much I am drinking. It’s helped tremendously for not just nausea, but to help prevent stretch marks later in pregnancy.

babyneü Pregnancy Water Bottle

Potato Chips

I learned about this morning sickness remedy during all-time nausea low this pregnancy. I felt like I had the stomach bug for 3 weeks and was desperate to find anything people recommended. Turns out potato chips actually work!

The recommendation was to eat Lays potato chips. I hate greasy potato chips and opted for the Ruffles baked variety. It worked wonders!

My body was able to tolerate them and it helped me create a schedule to match with the next tip listed.


Eating Small Meals

This can seem so simple, but it’s harder than it sounds if you’re used to eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It can also be tough when you have a toddler running around wanting every single food you even just look at. Find a set time to eat a snack every day and stock up the pantry on foods you are willing to eat.

This is also the time to eat, in small portions, the 1 or 2 foods you are craving. It’s more important now than ever that you get food in your system for nutrition and to ease that all day morning sickness.

I don’t even want to tell you how many bagel bites I’ve eaten this pregnancy.



9 easy ways to stop first trimester nausea in its tracks. Useful tips and tricks for all day morning sickness remedies . Being pregnant doesn't have to be tough. Make it the best possible with these pregnancy nausea relief ideas and remedies. #pregnancyproblems #pregnancy #baby #parenting #familygoals.


The BRAT Diet

There’s a reason doctors tell you to follow the BRAT diet when you’re sick. It’s bland, easy to digest, and fills you up.

This is exactly what you need for all-day morning sickness. BRAT stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast.

Although I couldn’t get myself to eat toast, I did enjoy rolls and Italian bread.

Keep in mind bananas can make you constipated, which is a common symptom during the first trimester. If you are experiencing any constipation, you can take Citrucel to help ease the pain.

It is recommended by my doctor and cured a 4-day constipation issue I had in less than 2 hours after taking it.


Not Cooking

This one isn’t always possible if your partner has a different work schedule, is away on business, deployed, etc. But it is very helpful if you can.

Just the thought of the wrong food can turn your stomach sour and cause nausea the rest of the day. This means if you have kids, making their lunch can put you off eating for the rest of the day.

Breakfast and lunch can be easy to put together, but a more elaborate dinner looking at incomplete ingredients can be tough.

Whenever possible, have your husband prepare dinner ahead of time or make leftovers so you just have to reheat the finished product.

Even though my all day morning sickness is gone, my husband is still cooking dinner. If I see a raw egg or smell garlic cooking, it still is so off-putting that it hinders what I eat.

Getting the proper nutrition is very important for the baby, so if this trick works for you, do it. You’re creating a miracle inside of you. The least your husband can do is cook a 20-minute meal!


Stay Away From Food That You Don’t Want

This may seem like a no brainer, but it is worth mentioning. Stay away from everything you don’t want to eat at all times.

Don’t go out to restaurants. Don’t sit at the dinner table with your family with bland pasta while they have pancakes and bacon.

Find any way to stay away from the smell of foods that will put you off and it will help get you through the day.


Get Outside

I avoided this for the first 2 weeks. I didn’t want to move or be part of anything. Of course, I didn’t want to be outside in the heat, it would only make it worse, right? I was wrong.

My husband talked me into sitting with the family outside while my daughter played with her water table. After about 10 minutes, the fresh air felt nice and I felt like an actual person!

It was tough to get me out there each time, but worth it when I did.




Quick tips for surviving first trimester early pregnancy morning sickness. Find simple relief to get rid of all day nausea signs and stop the vomiting with easy upset stomach cures. #mommytobe #babybump #pregnancy #pregnancyhacks #momlife

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Friday 22nd of May 2020

These are great recommendations. I am always amazed by how sea bands work. They are the best


Sunday 31st of May 2020

Yes, Debbie! Sea bands were a complete life-saver for me during my first pregnancy. They were the only thing that got me through work each day.


Thursday 2nd of August 2018

I couldn’t imagine having crazy morning sickness! I lucked out with all three of my pregnancies to not have any at all. But I’m waiting for the time that I do and your tips seem like good ideas!


Thursday 2nd of August 2018

I wish I had these tips 8 months ago! I’m at the end of my pregnancy now, but in the beginning the nausea was terrible. Thank you for putting all of this together in one place! I’ll use some of these tips in my next pregnancy :)