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Bump Update: Week 15

Bump Update: Week 15

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Week 15! Baby is as big as an orange. He or she is getting big fast! This week went a little slower than last week and I feel like I should be at least 20 weeks by now. Hopefully the next few weeks go by fast so I can get halfway there sooner than later. Week 15 was a tough week for me for more than one reason, but I’m hoping to get back on track as best as possible… and as soon as possible.
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A Few Week 15 Highlights


Activity Level

When I say this week was tough, my workouts played into it. I didn’t get to do all the workouts I wanted to. On Day 3 of my prenatal workout last week, I worked myself a little too hard with it being a new workout routine. My body wasn’t used to all the bicep curls I did and that was my fault for doing so many. The day after the workout I was fine, but the 2 days after it, I felt DOMS coming on in the inside of my elbows.

For anyone who has ever had DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness), it is terrible. This wasn’t just sore muscles like normal a day or so afterward. It gets so bad, you can’t even put your arms completely straight without being in a lot of pain. I got DOMS a month or two ago, so I knew how to handle it. Basically don’t do any arms exercises to aggravate it and wait one extra day than you think you need. It goes away on its own as long as you take it easy and keep stretching your arms frequently.


This week

Days of Strength Training: 2

As stated above, DOMS only allowed me to do 2 strength exercises this week. I want to get back on track with the exercises, so hopefully you will see 4 exercises next week. Now that I’m past the first week of Phase 2, I know how much I can do for certain exercises so I don’t have any other issues the next 2 weeks.

Days of Cardio: 1 (1 running)

Running Distance: 2.67 miles at 12:03 pace (+.00 miles, -0:41 pace) – includes warm-up and cool down. My fastest pace since I’ve been pregnant! I got my run done during my DOMS issue since it didn’t aggravate it. I felt so good running and ran longer distances between needing to stop. I’m hoping that feeling continues in the coming weeks.

My distance will most likely stay the same until I get new sneakers. I’ve had my current ones more than a year (yikes for a runner!), so they’re pretty worn out on the soles. I actually get a blister every time I run on my one foot.


Pre-pregnancy: +2.2lbs

This week: +2.0lbs


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Increased Appetite

If my appetite wasn’t back before, it’s back now… with a vengeance. I am ALWAYS hungry, and sweets look so good. I’ve been struggling to eat as healthy as I would like to, but I am working on it!



Yes, my sciatica is still a symptom this week. I have been doing pretty well keeping it under control. It spikes up about once a day for only a couple minutes. Foam rolling along with my stretches have been working wonders. It didn’t impact my workouts this week, which was great to see.


Trouble Sleeping

There’s only one position I can move into to fall asleep and stay asleep all night. That is on my stomach. Unfortunately, you can’t sleep on your stomach while pregnant. This leaves me tossing and turning most of the night trying to get comfortable. I use my Fitbit to track how I sleep every night (I did this prior to pregnancy too). Some nights I only get about 4-5 hours of sleep despite going to bed with enough time to get a full 8.



I’ve been feeling low on energy again. I would say this might be related to having trouble sleeping. It doesn’t help that the heat gets to me whenever I am outside for a prolonged period. This makes me even more tired. I have found myself passed out on the couch at least twice this week. Friday I even took a 2 hour nap.


Cravings and Aversions


  • Sweets – you name it. Donuts, chocolate, donuts, etc. See my point?


  • Eggs – I still have not cooked with them, but I think it might be better now

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