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Bump Update: Week 18

Bump Update: Week 18

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I’m at week 18! Next week we get to see the baby on the ultrasound again. I can’t wait to see Leah’s reaction. This week held lots of cravings, pain, and exhaustion, but I did remember to take a bump picture. That must count toward something… right? The baby is as big as an artichoke this week!

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A Few Week 18 Highlights

Activity Level

Hmm… I feel like my activity level was basically nonexistent until the very last day. Sitting out from workouts isn’t making the pain go away, so I’ve decided to push through them and see if they aggravate the pain.

This week

Days of Strength Training: 1

I completed day 2 of my work out this week and boy are my legs in pain. Since I haven’t done that workout in about 2 weeks, my body needs time to adjust to it again. It was sad to see how quickly my body forgets about the workout, but it just motivates me to keep at it.

Days of Other Workouts: 0

Yep… Does a lower back massage from my husband count?


Pre-pregnancy: +5.2lbs
This week: +2.2lbs

Week 18 pregnancy update! Follow me with weekly bump updates and bump progression pics throughout my pregnancy. I am in my second trimester and trying to keep a fit pregnancy. Find out if I can keep up and watch my pregnancy photos week by week. #pregnancy #parenting #momlife #pregnant


I’m hungry!

I was happy to see I didn’t put on the full 5lbs I was convinced I put on last week. At this point in pregnancy, it’s normal to have gained 5-10lbs already, so I am okay with the weight gain. I am working to curve my cravings as best as possible, but I am always just hungry!

Lower Back Pain

My lower back pain has not gone away. I am doing stretches and foam rolling and it continues to stay. One day this week, my back completely locked up from standing up too long. My husband had to give me a lower back massage to help ease the pain. Wish me luck in getting this to go away!


We just got back from an out-of-state wedding at the end of last week and the exhaustion carried through as we were busy the first day of this week. I haven’t been sleeping the best and I was just very tired. My daughter acting crazy did not help and I was tired by the time lunch time came around each day. Fast forward to when my husband got home, and I was purely exhausted. This continued for 3-4 days and then I finally felt like I could start functioning. Being outside in the sun (when it stopped raining) definitely helped.

Cravings and Aversions

  • Still everything sweet. Oreos and Hershey’s chocolate bars have been a weakness of mine.
  • Stouffers Mac and Cheese. I eat it about twice a week
What I eat to try to curve the cravings:
  • Frozen grapes
  • Fruit smoothies with yogurt, chia seeds, and spinach
  • Clementines

Notice a trend? I am trying to get the natural sugars from the fruit to satisfy my sweet tooth. It only works about 50% of the time

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Monday 24th of September 2018

I am right here with you! It crazy how drastically everything changes from week to week.


Wednesday 26th of September 2018

Yes! It's crazy how it happens like that Brenna!

Lindsay | SplendiferousMa

Thursday 20th of September 2018

I remember those days... I had a lot of lower back pain. I went to a chiropractor every week and a friend gave me a support belt. It was awesome! I hope your back starts feeling a little better.


Thursday 20th of September 2018

Thank you Lindsay! I did wear a support belt my first pregnancy as well that I borrowed from a friend. I may need to buy one this time around to help!