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June Blog Income Report – 2018

June Blog Income Report – 2018

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June at a Glance

I took off a few months writing income reports, but for good reason. Back in July, I decided not to put as much focus into monetizing my blog. That didn’t mean not doing sponsored posts, ads, etc, it just meant I was using more of my time writing content. Now I am back with the June Blog Income Report!

In June, my husband and I found out we were expecting (See our pregnancy announcement here). Well, morning sickness followed for almost 3 weeks and I had no desire to even write articles on my site. Finally, the nausea went away (find out how), but I still felt fatigued. I decided to spend my time on the most important part of a blog, writing.

While I am still in that mindset, I am bringing monthly income reports back. I am starting where I left off to give a full picture and will eventually catch up to recent. I think it’s important for my readers to see how a new blog can grow in such little time.

June also saw my first guest blogger post on my site. This has allowed me to spend less time on my site while still giving my readers quality content.

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Blogging tips and tricks are included in this June Blog Income Report 2018. Find out how I made $238.62 with a mom blog in just my 4th month. Includes blog revenue and blog expenses for a new blogger. #blogging #blog #bloggingtips #blogger #momblogger


My Top 5 Articles in June

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June Blog Income Report Stats

June saw a decrease in page views, but it makes sense as I took a bunch of time off to recover from morning sickness. I am still proud I almost hit 10,000 page views! My bounce rate also continued to drop slightly, which I am continuing to work on.


Blogging tips and tricks are included in this June Blog Income Report 2018. Find out how I made $238.62 with a mom blog in just my 4th month. Includes blog revenue and blog expenses for a new blogger. #blogging #blog #bloggingtips #blogger #momblogger

June Blog Income Report




Affiliates: $7.74

Ads: $29.95

Sponsored Posts/Products: $203.92

Total: $241.61




Influencer Program Monthly Charge: -$2.99 (I decided after June this program was not for me, so this will be the only charge for this you will see)


Total: $238.62


I didn’t see too much improvement on the Affiliate program I am in. I look to see an increase in the next few months and create 1-2 more promising articles that help increase my numbers here.

Ads saw a small decrease, but I am very happy to still see almost a $30 revenue for the month. That is approximately $1/day.

June was a great month for sponsored posts and products. About half of this revenue carried over from the end of May, but I was officially paid for in June. I expect this to decrease next month as I am putting less effort into sponsored posts and making sure everything matches with my brand.



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