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Good Night Books Review and Giveaway

Good Night Books Review and Giveaway

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Good Night Books is a company that designs bedtime books for children aged 0-5. They have different themes for both boys and girls even different locations around the world! They are available in Amazon, Bed Bath, and Beyond, Macys, and more. Don’t be surprised if you run into them in a local shop as they love being part of those mom and pop shops!

We had the opportunity to review 4 different books from Good Night Books. Each of the four books guided you from morning to night starting with a “Good Morning” all the way to “Good Night” while thanking them for spending the day with them. We reviewed Good Night Bedtime, Good Night Bears, Good Night Dozers, and Good Night Fairies.


Good Night books are perfect books for toddlers learning. Pick up the toddler books to read and travel to another place. For ages 0-5, so great books for babies too! #goodnight #books #family #learning #parenting #momlife #booknerd

Inside Good Night Books

Leah absolutely loves reading books. She reads at least 20 books a day and we go to the library at least once a week. I love this about her and provide her any opportunity to read. She loves new books to discover the characters and take her to new places. It was not surprise to see the excitement on her face when she saw these books. They are small just like her, which is her favorite size. She loves big books, but loves the little board books she can hold easily. These were the perfect size.

Good Night Bedtime took you through a daily bedtime routine, while Good Night Bears educated you on different bears around the world. Good Night Dozers showed all types of construction vehicles in action and Good Night Fairies takes you to a fantasy world.

My daughter loved looking at the animals in Good Night Bedtime and Good Night Bears. She kept pointing to them and making animal noises on each page. Ironically she has a stuffed animal bear that looks almost identical to a bear on the last page of Good Night Bears. She loved that as it was very familiar to her.

I personally love how their books take you to new places. That’s what books are designed to do. They take you to a new world you can only dream of (or travel to). Good Night Books has built most of its books around locations. You can learn about Miami, the Grand Canyon, or even Israel. They offer books in Spanish in their Buenos noches titles as well.


The Content

All of their books are very educational. I now know the sun bear is the smallest in the world. It made the book unique as most children’s books would just say, here is a brown bear. The location based books also introduce you to all of the landmarks and important parts of the city or country. Most of the big cities are covered in the US!

Typically you might get this book if you make frequent vacations in a certain city, live there, or the place has an importance to you or your family. My sister is currently stationed in Alabama with the army. I could see my daughter loving the Good Night Alabama book to know where her aunt is even though she has never been there.

Some of the books did use terminology too advanced for a 5 year old, let alone a 2 year old. Good Night Fairies referenced will-o’wisps. Honestly I only know what will-o’ wisps are from the movie Brave. I still would not be able to explain what they are if she asked though.

Good Night Dozers is another example of this. I have never heard of a construction truck called a dozer except a bulldozer. She wasn’t a fan of the book originally, but then we changed the word to “truck.” She now loves the book. It is actually her favorite out of the 4 we reviewed. She loves trucks, so it was not a surprise to us. The book has plenty of brightly colored trucks and she loved references them as “mama” and “baby” trucks.

Now for the giveaway!


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Good Night Books Giveaway

In honor of Mothers Day, Good Night Books has graciously offered to give two of my amazing Journey to SAHM readers two books to add to their child’s collection. Family is the most important thing in a child’s life, so it only makes sense to provide the following books to the winners! Each winner will receive 2 of the listed books below chosen by Good Night Books.

  • Good Night Mommy
  • Good Night Daddy
  • Good Night Grandma
  • Good Night New Baby


Enter to win below and good luck!


Good Night books are perfect books for toddlers learning. Pick up the toddler books to read and travel to another place. For ages 0-5, so great books for babies too! #goodnight #books #family #learning #parenting #momlife #booknerd



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Wednesday 9th of May 2018

I like Goodnight America!

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Wednesday 9th of May 2018

I like Good Night Pirate Ship and Good Night Dinosaur.

Lisa Vanhook

Wednesday 9th of May 2018

Love Goodnight Beach!

Ellie Wright

Wednesday 9th of May 2018

I like the Goodnight Dallas/Ft Worth book.

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Wednesday 9th of May 2018

I like Good Night Ocean!