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The Best Toddler Games for 2 Year Olds

The Best Toddler Games for 2 Year Olds

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When my daughter turned 2, I was so excited we would finally be able to play some toddler games at home together. My husband and I love board game nights, so I was thrilled to get my daughter involved.

Turns out most toddler games are geared for ages 3 and up. Not what I wanted to see. I was determined to find games she could play and not wait another whole year.

We now play 2 year old toddler games constantly. She loves sitting down and learning how to play and even creating her own way to play.
Here is a list of the best board games for 2-year-olds I found, so you don’t have to spend time searching and can spend an extra year playing games!
If your child is closer to 3 or just turned 3, check out the Best Toddler Games for 2-3 Year Olds this holiday season too! Both lists grow with your toddler to allow for more playing time (which means more for your money!)


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ThinkFun Roll and Play Game

ThinkFun Roll and Play Game for Toddlers

If there was one game every 2 year old toddler should own, it’s this one. This game is geared for toddlers 18 months+ and my daughter absolutely loves it!

The concept is to roll the block and pick up the color associated with the one rolled. Each card has a different action you complete (ie. Touch your elbow, do a silly dance).

I have been impressed with how well she has learned each of these motions. She even acts sad or silly when it says to. It keeps her attention and she loves when we all play as a family. Sometimes she wants to play twice in a row!

We currently play without the block as she doesn’t understand it. It’s only a small part of the game and something she will grow into – which means a longer lifespan for this game in our house!


Elefun & Friends Crocodile Dentist Game

Elefun & Friends Crocodile Dentist Game

There are a few versions of this game available, but this version is the only one worth getting. The quality and game play surpass any of the other models out there.

The box says ages 4 and up, but with supervision, this game is just as fun as a 2 year old game.

The rules are simple. Take turns pressing down teeth until you hit the “sore tooth.” When the sore tooth is pressed, the crocodile will chomp its mouth closed.

I need to help my daughter push the teeth down, but she thinks it’s hilarious when the crocodile closes its mouth on my hand.



Bowling Set

Melissa and Doug Bowling Set

This is one game I thought would be too tough for a 2-year-old. I think about how terrible I am at bowling and then assume it would be 500 times harder for a toddler. Instead, the smaller set makes this a perfect activity!

It works the same way as regular bowling. Set up the 10 pins and then try to knock them down. My daughter thinks it’s funny when they fall down.

She has this strategy that somehow she only knocks down 1 pin each time. Who knows? Maybe she’s a bowling pro waiting to happen. Either way, this game is a keeper for ages to come.


A list of the best games for your toddler. Playing games with a toddler is both educational and fun. Have fun playing games with your 2 year old. #games #fun #momlife



This is a take on the classic memory match game. Matching pairs can be a little advanced for a 2 year old. This game uses a different approach.

Your child uses a reference card and then searches for the card that matches. The cards are also much bigger so they can hold them easily. The game is geared for ages 18 months+ respectively.


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First Orchard – HABA My Very First Games

First Orchard – HABA My Very First Games

This is a Germany based board game geared for toddlers ages 2 and up. This was our first time purchasing a game from HABA, but have been pleasantly surprised.

The pieces are made of thick cardboard and wood to hold up to those destructive little ones.

The concept of the game is to work together to collect all the fruits in your basket before the black crow gets to the orchard. You roll a die to collect the fruit associated with the color rolled.

If you roll the crow, the crow moves one step closer to the orchard. I love how you work together as a team in this game instead of competing against each other.

My daughter plays her own rendition of this as well. As mentioned above, she doesn’t understand how a die works. She uses this game to sort the different colors of fruits together and collect them in the basket.

She also loves playing with the crow and thinks it’s “cute.” This is the perfect game for learning colors and how to group alike things.

Monkey Around Time for Two  – Peaceable Kingdom

Monkey Around Time for Two

This is the first Peaceable Kingdom game on this list, but not the last. The company has several toddler games for ages 2 and up. Each being educational and fun.

Monkey Around includes cards that say different physical actions. (ie: walk on your hands and feet). It incorporates a fabric banana that comes with them game so your child can pretend they are “monkeying around.”

We play this with my 2 year old daughter and 4 year old niece. Even though they have different physical abilities, they think it’s hilarious to do each motion with the banana.

There is no winner in this game and you play as a team. It teaches your 2 year old to share and be cooperative when doing activities together.


Most toddler games are geared for ages 3+. Don't wait a whole year to get your child playing games. Here is a collection of the best games for your 2 year old that will grow with them for years. #toddler #momlife #games

Lucky Ducks

Lucky Ducks

This is the same game that was around when I was younger. Same game play, even same stickers. Every person is assigned a shape. Each duck has 1 of 4 shapes on the bottom and they “swim” around.

You pick up each duck until you can find the 4 with your shape on them. This game helps identify different shapes and hand eye coordination to pick up the ducks while moving.

My daughter enjoys putting the ducks on the “pond” and watching them swim. She also picks them up and looks for the ones with the stars. She doesn’t understand to put the ducks back on the pond when they have other shapes, but she has been identifying each shape she sees.


Bunny Bedtime

Bunny Bedtime

This is another Peaceable Kingdom game for ages 2 and up. It is a simple matching board game that helps with bedtime routines and learning shapes.

The wooden shapes are 2 sided to give your toddler a choice, designed to decrease the amount of “no’s.” Toddlers love having a choice and anything that helps with the bedtime routine is a winner in my book.


Zoo on the Loose

Zoo on the Loose

This is a 2 year old board game for those who love stuffed animals. It comes with 5 cute stuffed animals that play on a zoo map  or around the house, depending on the play method you choose.

The game comes with cards that state where to place the animals (ie: put the zebra under a chair). It teaches toddlers to follow directions while interacting with their stuffed animals, bringing them to life.

The packaging says ages 4 and up, but 2 year olds will also love this game, especially if you change the animal to their favorite one! It doesn’t hurt that the map is extra thick and sturdy. This is NOT a cheaply made game!

It’s amazing to watch as your toddler becomes more knowledgeable about the habitats of each animal and different seasons of weather.

My daughter knows what a dessert and sand is even though we live in a place with snow almost half the year! I personally think every 2 year old should own this game.


Soggy Doggy

Soggy Doggy

Soggy Doggy is an adorable board game for 2 year olds. It includes a little dog that stands in a tub. You take turns rolling a die and move your game token to the corresponding color. First one to reach the end of the board wins.

Each space has an action item, either press the tub handle down to give the dog a bath and make it wetter, or turn the other tub handle.

After a random amount of turns of the handle, the dog will start to shake (like a wet dog) and the kids will get misted. At that time, whoever caused the dog to shake goes back to start.

My 2 year old daughter loved giving the “doggy a bath” and getting misted at first. As she got closer to 3 years old, she started to understand the concept of taking turns and rolling a die.

This one will grow with your children, even entertaining our 5 year old niece and 7 year old nephew.


 Go Find It

gofindit – Outdoor Nature Scavenger Hunt Card Game

This is a fun educational game for the entire family. The concept of the game is simple. Hand out 5-6 cards to each person and have them find something that matches what the card says. For example, the card might say “crunchy” so you search for something crunchy. First one to find things to match all their cards wins.

2 year olds will love this game when you break it down just a bit more. Play with your child one-on-one and teach them what the word says. So if the card says “red,” show them something red.

As your 2 year old gets older, tell them what’s on the card and have them start searching for something that matches it.

The game can be played endless ways even throughout elementary school aged-children. It’s great for camping, preschool, daycare, and just every day activities.


 Melissa & Doug Puppy Pursuit Game

Melissa & Doug Puppy Pursuit Game (Doggy Detectives Game)

If your toddler loves animals, especially dogs, this game is for them. It contains 10 different ways to play, so this game is sure to grow with your toddler.

To play, each of the dogs is hidden either by a child or adult. The 2 year old then will hear what the card says and get clues to find the dogs. The cards will say something like “look for me in a hat” or “look for me in a basket” and the toddler will search for those items.



What are your favorite 2 year old board games for your child? Did you play games when they were 2?


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Tuesday 9th of February 2021

For Xmas my parents bought our 2 year old Acorn Soup (from Mastermind Toys, I think). It has recipe cards that has pictures of ingredients, you find the tokens and “mix” them together. Our son loves baking so this is perfect for him! Of course most of the time he just loves throwing all the ingredients in and mixing them lol I will have to check out some of these other games, they look like fun!


Tuesday 16th of February 2021

That game sounds fun, Kelsie! I love how they make games their own like that. Even if it's not how it's intended, it's still fun to watch them play and grow with the game. Also, my oldest is now 5 and she STILL loves the First Orchard Game on this list, so it's something I highly recommend that they can play for years. We've started to play it with her and her just turned 2-year-old brother.


Monday 10th of February 2020

Our daughter is now 3 but she still thinks it’s an absolute crack up to turn on some music and play this game with her entire family. In fact, our 7-year-old son loves getting silly and joining in on the fun too. It’s actually quite heartwarming when we all act like a bunch of goofballs together like that. And honestly you really can’t ask for much more than that out of a game.


Sunday 18th of November 2018

These are so great! My daughter is 4 now, but I think even she would love these toys! Thank you for sharing!!


Sunday 18th of November 2018

Yes, she would still love them Kaitlen! That's what I love about these specific games. They all grow with your children and they can play them for years!


Thursday 1st of November 2018

our favourites are all Ravensburger games from Germany- Snail Race, 4 first games in one box, orchard etc. Most are based on colour recognition


Thursday 1st of November 2018

Yes! They really are great games Elaine! My daughter loves the My First Orchard game.

Niki @ Toot's Mom is Tired

Tuesday 2nd of October 2018

Ohhh my toddler would love the Lucky Ducks game. I need to get that. Thanks for the recommendations!


Thursday 4th of October 2018

Your toddler will love it Niki! My daughter keeps seeing the commercials they now have on TV for it and HAS to run to the game cupboard to play it every time! She's obsessed.