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November Blog Income Report – 2018

November Blog Income Report – 2018

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November Blog Income Report – November has been a long, but important month for the site. I put a lot of effort into making crucial steps to making my future as a blogger more real. This month that meant making a few bigger purchases.

I learned it’s so important to keep learning and educating yourself on how blogging works. You can think you know everything, but if you take just one more course, you realize quickly that’s not the case.

That’s honestly why I love the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit. It’s so many resources bundled up in one low price, so I can learn ALL year round! It won’t be available again until next year, but you can sign up for a reminder now.

If you are looking to monetize your blog, you will need to be on a self-hosted platform with your own domain. Bluehost is currently having a $3.95/month deal AND you get a free domain and SSL certificate (which you NEED to succeed today because of Google’s July 2018 update). Most other hosts charge for that on top of your monthly rate.

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November Blog Income Report 2018. Find out what an income report should show and how to make money online with a blog. Includes blog expenses and October and December goals. #blogging #bloggingtips #parentingblog #bloggerlife #momblogger

November Blog Income Report Stats

I am so excited to see my traffic and income continue to climb as the holiday season grows near!

I’ve put a lot of effort into my actual blog and mainly Pinterest for social media. Turns out social media can actually hurt your blog, so I’ve been putting my effort where it matters and will actually make a difference,.

I’ve continued to use my 1 hour a month pinning schedule on Tailwind, which has grown my Pinterest monthly viewers from 859K to 1.1M viewers.

That’s an increase of 711K in just 60 days! Crazy, right?
November Blog Income Report 2018. Find out what an income report should show and how to make money online with a blog. Includes blog expenses and October and December goals. #blogging #bloggingtips #parentingblog #bloggerlife #momblogger

I put together a quick step-by-step guide called Your Ultimate Pin Strategy to teach you how I do this technique in less than an hour, so you can build your account up too! The best part is it’s FREE!

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Page Views: 31,370
Sessions: 24,474
Bounce Rate: 83.86%
November Blog Income Report 2018. Find out what an income report should show and how to make money online with a blog. Includes blog expenses and October and December goals. #blogging #bloggingtips #parentingblog #bloggerlife #momblogger

This marks the best month my blog has had this year. My page views and sessions both increased while my bounce rate is the lowest it’s ever been.

This is very rewarding as I have been focusing on both traffic and lowering my bounce rate the last few months.

Income Report

Affiliate Income: $380.18

This is my highest affiliate income month yet! The holiday season has definitely been a factor in the increase, but I have also been focusing on promoting things more on my Facebook page and more new articles.

Ad Income: $108.39

Another record for my blog! This is my highest ad income month yet. The increase in page views and decrease in bounce rate really plays a role in the increase.

Sponsored Posts/Products: $235.00

I have been putting sponsored posts to the side, but previous month’s work is still rolling in. Most of my payments are now received, so expect this number to be very low or basically non-existent next month as I focus on other things.

Learn how I made more than $720 in just one month. Includes a complete blog income and expense breakdown. Blogging is a great way to make money online and use social media to its full potential. #bloggingtips #momblogger #blog
Expenses: $560.98

Ouch. This has been the most expensive month so far. I expect it to be the most rewarding though. Here is a quick breakdown of my expenses.


PO Box Rental: $48

To continue sending emails to my subscribers, I realized I needed an address at the bottom of them. I am not comfortable putting my personal address, so I rented a PO Box to keep my personal address private.


Homemaking Bundle: $17.98

I purchased the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle at the beginning of the month as most of my subscribers and Facebook page followers know.

It’s been a great investment as I now have access to workout programs, recipes, date night ideas, and some great subscriptions for my daughter. I’ve already tried a few things out and can’t wait to share them with you!

Although the bundle is not currently available, I highly recommend signing up to get a notification when it is available next year!

Blogging Course: $397

This was the biggie. I took the plunge and invested in a great course for my blog. I just started taking the course, so I will tell you guys about it more in the next few months. My readers deserve to only hear about the best products, so I will be putting the course into action before I give details to make sure it is worth the time and investment. So far I think it definitely is!


Stock Photos: $98

There was a HUGE stock photo sale in November for a great price! I ended up buying 200 stock photos for $98 (that’s 49 cents a picture). It’s an unheard-of price when it comes to stock images. I have only used a handful so far but am looking forward to using more to enhance my site and see how it can help my Pinterest game as well.

Why did I choose to buy stock images instead of using free ones? As I am using Pinterest more often, I am noticing more and more of the free images I use on other people’s pins. Sometimes our topics are even the same! That means I’m not being original and readers may see my pins and think they’ve already clicked through to that post.

Total: $162.59


How did my November Goals go?

Reach 25,000 sessions – Did not hit. I was so close! I was only 526 sessions away. However, I am very happy with the growth I did see on my website.

Reach 2,100 Pinterest Followers – Did not hit. I knew this was a bit of a stretch since I am not focusing on growing my Pinterest followers and letting it grow organically. I still increased my following by 164 people and hope this continues to grow.

Finish at least 2 email opt-ins. Hit! I ended up completing three and had them implemented by the end of November. I am continuing to focus on this aspect as well.

Increase to $100 in Ad Revenue – Hit! This was a nail biter. It was close until the end, but I hit this goal the day before the end of the month.


December Goals

Optimize 7 Old Posts for Pinterest and SEO

Reach 32,000 Page Views

Have January’s Keyword Research done

Set 2019’s Budget and Goals

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