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Free Printable Santa Letters (5 Templates Included!)

Free Printable Santa Letters (5 Templates Included!)

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Part of the fun of Christmas is sitting down and writing a Christmas letter to Santa Claus himself. There’s no better way to do that than with these free printable Santa letters.

You can print them in a PDF template at the bottom of this page.

The letters come blank so you can be imaginative with your kids, but I’ve included some ideas to get the writing process starting on this stationery paper.

The Dear Santa letter templates come with 5 different and unique options. Choose from borders that have everything from blue to red to candy cane striped.

Each one also includes a unique Santa so your child will have fun choosing their free template to print!

You can even make writing Santa letters extra special with a Santa mailbox. We personally use Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox. Your child puts their letter in the mailbox, raises the mail flag, and it plays a song signaling it’s going to Santa.

When your child opens the mailbox again, their letter is gone!

5 Free Dear Santa Templates

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Ideas to Add to Your Printable Santa Letter

  • Say hi to Santa, reindeer, and elves. You can ask your child their favorite reindeer and add that in as well.
  • Tell Santa 2 times your child has been extra good this year. Have them give you exact examples. They may be silly examples, but it allows your child to think.
  • Have your child tell Santa about themselves. Did they do something special this year? Start a new sport? What was the highlight of their summer? Have your child talk about themselves.
  • List 3 things your child wants for Christmas. This should be the last thing mentioned in the letter. When placing gifts first, your child will want to be done writing the letter to Father Christmas and not want to continue.
  • Have them write down everything else first, so they must stay and finish their Dear Santa letter. You also get to hear about what your child’s highlights of the year (or last 3 days) are!
Mom and Child Writing Santa Letter

Can You Physically Mail a Letter to Santa?

After you finish writing your Christmas letter, you can actually address it to Santa, send it through the post office, and have your child receive a letter from Santa back.

Using our Santa’s Enchanted Mailbox has made the process of “sending’ the letter to Santa so much fun! They really think the letter goes straight to Santa when it disappears!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Have your child write their printable Santa letter using the free PDF file at the bottom of this post. Follow the directions above on how to write a letter to Santa.
  2. Using another piece of paper, respond to your child as Santa. You can include your own highlights of the year, making sure to note some accomplishments, not in your child’s letter to Santa.

    Also include moments your child did include and expand on those moments and why, written as Santa, you are proud as well.
  3. Try to make the letter to your child as personalized as possible but staying Santa. That means no nicknames or anything you specifically call them. The goal is to always keep the kids believing in Santa for as long as possible.
  4. Once your letters are written, place them both inside an envelope addressed to your child. This is the envelope your child will be opening from Santa.
  5. Add a first-class mail stamp and put the return address as “SANTA, NORTH POLE.”
  6. Place that envelope inside another larger envelope with needed postage and address it to:




ANCHORAGE, AK 99530-9998

Letters to Santa Claus

What Does the Post Office Do With Santa Letters?

Your letter will arrive in Alaska and Santa’s elves will mark it with a North Pole postmark and mail it back in the smaller envelope.

Your child will open this letter, see their original letter was received, and read their letter from Santa.

Read the official directions from the US Postal Service including a sample letter from Santa.

See screenshots of the printable screenshots below and download your free printable PDF file below!

Click on the links underneath the template you would like… or scroll down and select the option to download all 5 at once! Enjoy!

Want them all?! Download all 5 Free Blank Dear Santa Templates!

Having trouble printing any of the downloads above? Click here to have all 5 templates download automatically to your computer as a PDF.

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