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5 Ways to Increase Social Development in Toddlers

5 Ways to Increase Social Development in Toddlers

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As a mom, my number one goal is to raise decent human beings. They are going to make friends, have significant others, or co-workers.

I want to ensure they are well rounded and grounded before meeting and engaging in these relationships.

This includes teaching social development in toddlers. Social skills can be verbal or non-verbal interactions amongst others.

There are many skills to teach your little ones, however, these are ones I think parents sometimes look over or neglect to teach. It’s easy to do.

As parents we like to protect our children from anything considered to be negative, but they need to learn life is not all apple juice and cookies.


Parenting can be tough when it comes to social development in toddlers. Here are 5 easy ways to enhance social development for toddlers. Includes social skills that can be taught as toddlers and preschoolers. #parenting #momlife #toddlers #preschool #educational



5 Ways to Increase Social Development in Toddlers


Accepting No For An Answer

I choose not to always use the word “No”. Instead I try to find alternative words or phrases such as “maybe later”. The word “No” sometimes can come off very harsh for some request.

If your little one is asking for a fruit snack, saying “no” can come off as if they will never get one. Instead use the phrase “not today” to give them understanding that they just can’t have one right now.

This is important as they grow into adults so that they understand “No” and accepting and understanding the answer given to them.


Empathy And Compassion

This is an important one. Children are naturally very selfish. I mean why wouldn’t they be they have life served to them on a silver platter? Your children must learn how to empathize with others.

If they are on the playground and another child falls and scrapes their knee, they should be able to make sure the other kid is okay even if they’ve never done so themselves.

They can say things like “it’s okay, do you want me to get your mommy?” or “do you need help?” Teaching social development in toddlers allows your toddler to know laughing or saying nothing at all is not acceptable.

Again, as your child grows into an adult they will have the empathize a lot, especially in their more intimate relationships.



Children often blame others for things they have done or claim to not know how something may of happened.

As a parent it’s our job to teach them it’s okay to make mistakes and it’s even better for them to take accountability of their mess ups.


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Accepting Consequences And Criticism

This goes hand in hand with accountability. Consequences follow all your decisions whether good or bad. Why is this important? Just because your child takes accountability doesn’t mean they still won’t have punishment.

This teaches them to not do things resulting in bad consequences. However be sure to not make punishment equal to a punishment you would Ice if they had not taken accountability.


Accepting And Understanding Differences

This is a big one. It’s fine for your toddler to have a red Popsicle while another kid had a green one. It’s also okay for your little one’s hair to be straight while the other little one in daycare’s hair is curly.

It seems very simple, but as adults we know that differences are big social issues today. Teaching social development in toddlers explains that it is okay to be different and have different things.

They will start to learn it’s normal for other kids to have something different than them.


So just how can we teach our toddlers about social development? Read on to find out!


Are you having trouble with your toddler not listening? Here are ways to teach social development in toddlers in a way they will actuall understand. Helps improve listening skills for preschoolers and toddlers. #parenting #momlife #toddler #moms #education #preschool


How Do I Teach Social Development in Toddlers?

Kids learn in numerous ways. It’s preferred that you do not just teach these things only when they are in trouble or when the appropriate situations present themselves.

Instead look for fun and exciting ways to help them learn.



Books are a great way to teach kids new things. Elizabeth Verdick has a great series of books designed to specifically teach toddlers about social development.

Options include Manners Time,” Listening Time,” Sharing Time,” and more depending on what your child is having difficulties with or you’re just wanting to teach them ahead of time.


Role Play

This is great for little ones who are learning from examples. Create playful scenarios with them and ask questions.

They will enjoy playing with you while learning something new.



So What’s Next?

The goal is to have fun when you teach new things. As parents, we should also lead by example. Remember our kids are sponges that absorb everything we do and say.

If you’re giving them a positive example on how to utilize their social skills they are more likely to use them often and correctly.

Once you’ve taught new skills to take the time ever so often to check in and review them with your child when appropriate.

Gaining social development in toddlers is meant to prevent or reduce situations or behaviors that may be negative. By preventing or reducing these behaviors or situations, we create a more positive environment and society of individuals as your little ones grow into adulthood.

Remember to encourage them and reward them with verbal recognition when they use their new set of skills this will encourage them to practice them more often.


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Tuesday 9th of October 2018

Great tips here. We do a lot of role play here as well as use books. These life skills are so important when trying to raise a child to be a fellow good human.


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Yes, it is so important! It's an often overlooked skill, but you are completely right. You need it to raise a good human.


Tuesday 9th of October 2018

We need to work on compassion with Noah. As an only child he is still learning how to act around his peers at school!


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

It can be such a tough topic to teach Brittany. To us as adults it seems easy, but to learn from scratch, it's hard!


Tuesday 9th of October 2018

We definitely do a lot of role play at our house, and I am always looking for interesting books that can start a conversation with my daughter. I agree that teaching them empathy, compassion and accountability are super important. Great post!


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

It sounds like you're doing a great job Samara! Both are so vital in teaching them the skills at a young age.


Tuesday 9th of October 2018

I love this post. Fabulous ideas thank you. I agree that teaching empathy and compassion are soooooo important. Too many adults have grown up missing this vital skill.


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Yes Vicki, it's sad to see how many people don't have this skill. We assume the teachers will teach it, but it's a parent's job.

Amy @ Orison Orchards

Monday 8th of October 2018

I love these tips! We read character-building books and role play a lot at our house. They work so well!


Wednesday 10th of October 2018

That is great Amy! Working with your child one on one is so important.