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How to Make Toddler Quiet Bin Activities for Non Nappers

How to Make Toddler Quiet Bin Activities for Non Nappers

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Having a toddler at home means constantly needing to find the balance between keeping them content while also making sure they’re learning and reaching milestones.

It also seems like once they hit a certain age, they’re “too old” for nap time even though they are a wreck by bedtime. Even if they’re only preschoolers or even 2 year olds in some cases.

That’s why I put together and organized my own toddler nap time busy boxes for each day of the week. By using these toddler quiet bins, I knew that my son would also have something to keep him busy.

He may be a non-napper, but mama still gets a little time for herself, even if it’s just to clean the dishes.


Why a Quiet Bin Nap Time Activity for Each Day of the Week?


Simple. Your toddler won’t get bored playing with the same bin. He’d get variety throughout the week, helping him with multiple skills instead of just one.


Do I Really Need to Stick to Letting My Toddler Play with a Busy Bin Each Day?

Mom life is busy, especially if you more than one toddler at home. So no, you don’t have to play with the activity bins every single day. In fact, you can take breaks from them whenever you would like.

Even when we used them regularly if we had errands to run one day then I didn’t worry about getting a toddler quiet bin out.

Just go with the flow of life and schedule day to day. The busy bins are meant to help you out, not cause stress. So, don’t stress over getting these nap time activities out each and every day.


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What Do I Put in My Toddler Quiet Bins?

Good question! That’s primarily why I wrote this post; to give you ideas of what you can put inside the busy bins for nap time activities. Whether or not you want to make one for each day of the week is up to you!

Below you’ll find a list of things you can put in your quiet bins for non-nappers, including items that I put in my own toddler’s bins. Don’t fret, most of this stuff is inexpensive and can be found at the dollar store, Target’s dollar spot, etc.

You don’t have to drop a handful of cash for these nap time activities to have a fun time. Plus, they’re perfect for the cooler months when you’re stuck inside and can’t enjoy the outdoors. Honestly, they’re well worth the money to put together.

Supply Ideas:

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Breaking this list down into different days is simple. You can put a few like items together to theme each busy box or you can keep it completely random.

It’s up to you and what your child likes. When putting them together, ask yourself if your little one would enjoy playing with what’s inside of their busy bin.

You can theme a toddler quiet bin to one of your toddler’s favorite books. You can have story time then dig into the fun bin for extra play.

Another fun idea is to make a quiet bin for each season and holiday. Remember, you can always switch items out.

Try not to put too many items into one bin. You don’t want it to be overwhelming for your toddler. In time, you’ll figure out the perfect ratio. Below are five themed bins for Monday to Friday.


Themed-Bin Ideas:
  • Monday – Baking/Cooking – Cookie cutters, play dough, muffin tin, cupcake holders, kitchen utensils
  • Tuesday – Gardening – Fake flowers, soil, flower pots, rocks, shovel/rake, seashells, spray bottle
  • Wednesday – Craft Time – Crayons, markers, construction paper, scissors, glue stick, googly eyes, cotton pom poms, pipe cleaners
  • Thursday – Paint Time – Paint, paint brushes, figures to paint, paint paper/book
  • Friday – Learning Time – Magnetic alphabet/letters, match cards, printable activities


Learn how to make easy quiet bins toddlers will love. Teach your 2 year old how to do independent play by using bins with pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, and other dollar store items. Examples included! #naptime #learningactivities #activitiesforkids #kidactivities #preschoolactivities


As you can see, each nap time quiet activity bin is different. You have room to work with each theme, creating the perfect bin for your little one.

Remember, this is to help create a fun balance of keeping your little one content while working on skills to reach milestones month to month. It’s also to help you stay sane when your toddler depends to become a non-napper as a naptime alternative.

My son always loves when we get out one of his quiet activities. He’s always ready to play and discover what’s inside. And it keeps him busy for a good amount of time.

This is also a great way to make quality time for you and your child if you have multiple kids, work full time, or just want some extra time with your little one. Really, you can’t go wrong with a toddler fun bin!


Do you have quiet bins for your toddler? Are you excited to make one of your own if you haven’t yet? Or, are you looking for ideas for naptime alternative?



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Monday 18th of March 2019

Love these ideas! My daughter just turned 2 and for some reason sleeps the full two hours at daycare, but fights me to the death at home. She’ll be at home full time soon, so I’m thinking about implementing this if only for some “quiet time.” Where do your kids play with their bins? Do they have to do it in their room for the full time that would have been nap time or do you have them wherever you are?


Thursday 21st of March 2019

Hi Michelle, I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes that fighting just isn't worth it. I would first try to start a routine with nap time at home. A more consistent schedule at home each day with a nap can start to work. Once you go to no naps, there's no turning back.

For the quiet bins, it depends on how much you trust her. Things like paint and coloring should always have supervision, but things like Little People, magnetic letters, and a physical Quiet book can be done in their room. It's all up to what your child does best with.


Thursday 21st of February 2019

Great idea! Luckily, my toddler still naps, but I'm saving this for later!


Thursday 21st of February 2019

Great ideas! Thanks


Thursday 21st of February 2019

Those are great ideas for a non-napper. My 1 year old is an excellent napper right now and I'm sincerely hoping he stays that way! BUt if he doesn't these are great ideas!


Thursday 21st of February 2019

I loved the list you shared of things to put in a quiet time bin! I would love to see examples of things you could put in a bin for them to take to bed with them. I for one love to be able to close the bedroom door, and know that my little one is going to be in one spot for an hour or so! My daughter still naps (praise the LORD) but I know she won't always, so I'm thinking ahead to how to keep her entertained while she sits in bed for "rest time."


Thursday 21st of February 2019

What a great idea Laurel! Off the top of my head I'm thinking board books, hand puppets, baby dolls, and stuffed animals. My daughter LOVES playing with her stuffed animal "friends" at bedtime.