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Why Every Mom-to-Be Needs a Maternity Belt

Why Every Mom-to-Be Needs a Maternity Belt

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Pregnancy can be such an uncomfortable time in a women’s life. If you’ve been following my weekly bump updates, you will see how many terrible symptoms have popped up. One symptom you shouldn’t have to deal with? Lower back pain.

All you need to do is to get yourself an F.A.D. Maternity Belt. Here are 5 reasons you should have a maternity belt/belly support band and why it’s a lifesaver in pregnancy. Plus learn how the F.A.D. Maternity Belt works!

5 Reasons You Need a Maternity Belt NOW!

It Helps Relieve Back Pain and Sciatica

Anyone who has been pregnant with lower back pain or even if you have it now, you know it’s terrible. You can’t stand for more than a few minutes at a time. Sometimes you can’t even stand up straight.

Sciatica is just as bad. The pain can radiate down through your legs causing you to lose your balance and stop moving.

A maternity belt can help cure all these pains. It works by helping lift your stomach and uterus, alleviating the weight put on those muscles, nerves, and joints. That allows the belt to provide support to the back by taking some of the weight off it.

After wearing the F.A.D. Maternity Belt, I noticed a great improvement in my lower back pain. It just felt like there was literally a weight lifted off my… back.

Make pregnancy more comfortable with a maternity belt. Here are 5 reasons why a belly band is right for you. Includes how it provides support and how it fits over maternity pants. Here's the best brand to buy for a frugal mom-to-be! #mommytobe #momlife #sponsored
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Helps Improve Posture

Since maternity belts help relieve back pain, they in turn help with your posture. Think about it. When your back hurts, you don’t sit up straight. You sit in any position that takes away the pain.

Now that your back pain is letting up, it allows you to sit and stand with better posture. It even makes it feel more comfortable to sit/stand even if you had no back pain!

Helps with Discomfort in General

Being active in pregnancy is so important, but it can be so painful. Using a maternity belt takes away those discomforts to allow you to move more and have a healthier pregnancy.

I was able to complete a HUGE corn maze (think 5 miles and 3 hours of walking) while wearing the F.A.D. Maternity Belt.

Normally after about 20-30 minutes of walking, my stomach would start feeling heavy and I would need to sit down. This baby is just sitting very low from the start.

It wasn’t until about 2 hours that my back started to hurt slightly. I am pretty sure that is from wearing old shoes with no support through the mud and it was COLD though!

Make pregnancy more comfortable with a maternity belt. Here are 5 reasons why a belly band is right for you. Includes how it provides support and how it fits over maternity pants. Here's the best brand to buy for a frugal mom-to-be! #mommytobe #momlife #sponsored

They Double as a Post-Partum Band

One of the great parts of a maternity belt is that they are not just for pregnancy. They help after you delivery the baby as well.

The extra support helps heal your abdominal wall and can even help you with diastasis recti, if you are also doing the appropriate exercises as well. That means it can help get rid of that belly pooch every mom hates.

I haven’t had the chance to wear the F.A.D. Maternity Belt in this aspect, but I am looking forward to! This is my last child we plan on having, so I will be wearing the belt shortly after delivering our baby to help with my abs.

They’re Affordable

I started getting sciatica and lower back pain interchangeably (sounds wonderful, right?) around the 15-week mark of my pregnancy.

I asked my OBGYN about a maternity belt through insurance. I figured these were the best quality and would be cheaper. Her answer?

The maternity belts out there are just as good as the ones through insurance and I would pay A LOT more for one through insurance.

I was shocked!

Want to know my absolute favorite part of the F.A.D. Maternity Belt? The price. I am not talking $50 or even $25. This belt is even CHEAPER.

It is perfect for us frugal mom-to-be’s that want to spend that money on the baby for a crib and diapers. While I love the price, I know the low price can seem too good to be true. I promise it’s not.

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F.A.D. Maternity Belt

My Thoughts

I have been thoroughly impressed with this maternity belt. It fits my small frame and is adjustable for when my belly gets even bigger. Looking at the size, it can fit a much bigger frame as well.

I’ve been able to walk with more support and not feel like my uterus will fall out of my body. Yes, we’ve all been there. I also love how breathable the material is. It’s light-weight and doesn’t feel suffocating.

Even though the F.A.D. Maternity Belt helps with pain and discomfort, I still tend to push myself a little too much. I love how supportive it is, but still get slight discomfort and pain when I do extra activity.

While I love this maternity belt, it sometimes can be tough to get the tightness right. It’s also tough to use when using the bathroom.

Maternity pants go up so high, so you must take off the belt every time you use the bathroom. The Velcro can be a little embarrassing when using a public restroom.

I may try wearing the belt under my pants to see if this is possible.

I highly recommend this maternity belt to ease your pregnancy pains and make pregnancy just a little easier!

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