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The Benefits of Amazon Baby Registry Every Mom Needs

The Benefits of Amazon Baby Registry Every Mom Needs

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For our first child, we had a registry at Babies R Us. We found ourselves still searching multiple places to find everything we needed for the baby. It was time consuming and just frustrating. We already had the stress of a baby coming, who needs the added stress of finding items elsewhere on top of that? That’s where the benefits of Amazon Baby Registry come in.

A registry is meant to make things easier to find all the products you need and have them in a convenient way. Now that Babies R Us is out of business, I thought it would be even tougher this time around, but I was wrong. I’ve actually never seen it so easy.

Trust me, the benefits of this registry are amazing and something every mom-to-be needs to take advantage, but only if you’re interested in something that will save you both money and time.


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Why Every Mom Needs an Amazon Baby Registry



One Stop Convenient Shop

I’ll start at the obvious one. Amazon sells EVERYTHING. They sell cribs, monitors, blankets, clothes, bottles, you name it, they have it. They have more than 270,000 products just for babies! Crazy, right?

The best part is they have SO many different brands to choose from!

When shopping in a store, you end up limiting yourself to the varieties and brands available for you and they may not be the right ones for your baby.

It’s also convenient for anyone not local to you. Some chain stores are still local to certain regions making it more difficult to buy things and get a great deal.

Amazon is worldwide site hundreds of countries have access to, making it an easy choice for them to buy from.

We did extra research on a lot of our products and found the best brands only available on Amazon. For example, our baby monitor, has one of the highest ratings on the Internet, but somehow no local place had it.





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Pregnancy can be tough and making a baby registry can put on even more stress. Find all your baby registry essentials in one place at Amazon Baby Registry. Discover all the benefits of Amazon Baby Registry and why it's a must have for all newborns. They have clothes, baby monitors, baby bottles, baby cribs, and more. #baby #newborn #babyregistry #registry #momlife #pregnancy #pregnant

Competitive Pricing

There is a reason Amazon is the third most valuable company. They offer products at a competitive price. It makes having a baby so much more affordable when it’s already tough to have a baby on a budget.

Stores like Babies R Us went out of business partially because of Internet shopping at a great price. Since there are so many brands available, companies like to keep their prices competitive to sell. It works as an advantage to us consumers since we are seeing lower prices. You can’t complain with that!

Return Guarantee

Let’s be honest. No matter how nicely we put our registry together, something happens, and you get something you don’t need. I love this as one of the benefits of Amazon Baby Registry because you get 90 days to return something from the date shipped. That’s 3 months!

That way if you have a change of heart on the jungle theme you picked out for the nursery, you can change it. Or if you don’t know the gender and placed both boy and girl clothes on the registry, you have time to return the outfits you don’t need!

That’s so much less stress than trying to return things to all different stores and finding out they only give you store credit you won’t use or won’t accept the return.

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Gender Reveal. It’s a…!


Mobile Updates

What are the benefits of Amazon Baby Registry being online? Well, you can make updates to your registry ANYWHERE. They make it so easy to add and remove items from the list when needed. And trust me, you will need this function when something comes to mind, all the time.

Amazon also has a great Amazon Assistant feature. You simply download the browser add-on and find price comparisons all around the Internet. So, why is this great for a baby registry? You can actually add a product from a different site onto your registry (as long as Amazon carries it). But what doesn’t Amazon carry?

Take your baby registry to the next level before your newborn gets here. Find all the benefits of Amazon Baby Registry and why every mom needs to create one. Includes freebies, a welcome box, and more! Plus get a completion discount. Get all the must have baby registry items in one place, including baby bottles, highchairs, baby clothing, onesies, baby blankets, and more. #pregnancy #pregnant #momlife #parenting #newborn #babyregistry #baby #registry #mom

Free Shipping!

One of my pet peeves of shopping online is paying for shipping. I hate it and will avoid it at all costs.

With Amazon Baby Registry, your friends and family will get free shipping for anything $25 or more. And honestly, when shopping with a one stop shop registry, they will get to $25 in no time.

They say the average person spends at least $25 on a baby registry or more depending on how close you are with mom-to-be.

You and your guests can also sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to get free 2-day shipping no matter the cost!

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Completion Discount

This is by far one of my favorite benefits of Amazon Baby Registry! You not only get every day competitive pricing, but also a nice completion discount.

Amazon provides a 10% discount up to 60 days prior to your due date and 60 days after the date on up to 2 different orders. Your registry just must have been created more than 14 days beforehand.

Think of it as your “last-minute” haul before the baby comes and the “oh no, I didn’t realize I actually needed these” haul after the baby comes. The discount is up to $2,000 spent, meaning a savings of up to $200!

An amazing bonus of being Prime? Trust me, this one is WORTH IT! If you are a Prime member, you get a 15% completion discount. That’s a savings of up to $300!

Since a Prime membership is currently an annual amount of $119, that makes the cost a low as $20 for the year with the additional $100 you can save with this discount.

To get the 15% discount, Amazon states you just need to be a Prime member when redeeming the completion discounts, so sign up for the 30-day free trial or pay the $12.99/month to get an even better deal. I told you it was worth it.

Free and Discounted Deals


Welcome Box

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Just one of the free benefits of Amazon Baby Registry is its Welcome Box. Once signed up for a registry, you just need $10 worth of purchases from it and you receive a free Welcome Box (worth $35)! The box is filled with all sorts of surprise goodies for your little one. I don’t know about you but I love surprises.

You just need to become a Prime Member when creating and redeeming on the registry. And like I mentioned above, with your $100 in additional savings AND a Welcome Box, you get your money back right there! Plus you get free 2-day shipping for a year and Amazon Video. You can’t argue with that.


Additional Promotions

Amazon periodically runs promotions for anyone who creates an Amazon Baby Registry. At the moment, you are eligible for a free parenting eBook just by creating a registry. You also get 15% off Amazon Prints!

Who doesn’t need a parenting book and printed pictures when becoming a parent? Free stuff is amazing and a reason in itself to create a registry.

The Benefits of Amazon Baby Registry don’t end there! It is free to sign-up! Just hit the “Get Started” button, add your information so people can find you, and mail you things if out of state, and then start creating your registry! It’s never been so easy for you build a list of baby items!

And don’t forget to take advantage of the free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime!

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Oh, to have had this when we were raising five babies!! Thanks for sharing with SYC. hugs, Jann


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It's amazing the games they have out nowadays! I wish I had them when I was younger too!