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How Amazon’s New Free Shipping Policy is Effecting Bloggers

How Amazon’s New Free Shipping Policy is Effecting Bloggers

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Amazon’s New Free Shipping Policy Effecting Bloggers – If you haven’t heard, Amazon is offering free shipping to everyone with no minimum order amount! Sounds great, right?!

Well, here’s the thing. This changes a few things for us bloggers this year and I will explain why. There are a few pros and cons to this change, but I will teach you how to make the most out of it for this holiday season.

So what exactly changes now that Amazon offers free shipping to everyone? Here is a quick rundown:
  • You no longer need to buy $25+ worth of products to be eligible for free shipping
  • This will not effect Prime members
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So What Does Free Shipping Mean for Bloggers?

People are buying more often

A lot of people would wait until they had enough items to buy from Amazon to reach the $25 free shipping threshold. With no minimum order amount needed, it allows people to have more impulse purchases.

Orders are Smaller

Since people are buying more frequently, their orders are smaller in dollar amounts. You may notice that you have smaller purchases on your Amazon income report.

Just yesterday, I had a purchase for a Potty Hook and look how cheap that is! Since it was from Amazon, they got free shipping whereas something like this might have sat in their cart until they hit the $25 mark.

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So How Do I Make Amazon’s Free Shipping Work for My Blog?

Get people to CLICK on your links!

If people are buying more often, there is a higher chance they will purchase something within 24 hours of clicking on your link. Yes, it may be a potty hook or small book, but that can add up over time.

Plus, you never know when they will purchase a higher priced item off of your link as well. Someone just bought TWO of these the other day off my links, which makes it so worth it!

Write Posts that Entice People to Click!

Gift Guides for Her can be so overrated, but that doesn’t mean gift guides all together aren’t worth it. Switch out those gift guides and think more along the lines of The Best Christmas Gifts for Children with Sensory Disorders, The Best Gifts for your Star Wars obsessed husband, or even 15 Best Gifts for your Over Active Dog.

Take your niche and get specific! If I was scrolling through Pinterest and saw a Gift Guide for my Star Wars loving husband, you know I am clicking on that because my husband is honestly OBSESSED with it! Just make sure you are writing guides that are within your niche.

The Free Trial Bounty will be harder to sell

Amazon offers a 30-Day Free Trial for non-Prime members. Here is the page it takes you to when they go to to sign up.

Even I personally sign up for it this time of year like clockwork. Why not get free shipping? Well, now that free shipping will be on all purchases anyway, it will be harder to sell the benefits.

Does that mean you shouldn’t offer it? No! Your posts are meant to last you through the holiday season. This means someone may look at it on November 17th or December 17th. And if they’re looking at it on December 17th, you know they need that item FAST!

Keep your bounty offers up, but just know you may not see much movement on them until mid-December.

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So Is Free Shipping a Good or Bad Thing?

It is great for us bloggers! You will need to work hard to find techniques that convert to clicks for you. Once you do that, you will see orders start coming in!

I love posting deals in my mom niche of parenting toddlers on my Facebook Group. I recommend following on there for some tips!

Here are two ideas that have gotten plenty of clicks from my blog and Facebook page that could work for you here and here.


Not sure how to get started in Affiliate Marketing?

I recommend Carly Campbell’s Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers course. She goes through EVERYTHING you will possibly need to get started in affiliate marketing along with specific case studies so you can even analyze her own mom blog posts that make her a TON of money.

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