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Bump Update: Week 24

Bump Update: Week 24

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Week 24! This wasn’t a fun week, but it’s over now. We can all be thankful for that. Hopefully these terrible symptoms and how I feel will improve into next week and quickly. Baby is the size of a cantaloupe and getting bigger every day.  

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Activity Level

I had some great motivation to get started back up on my workouts this past week, but my immune system had other ideas. Hoping to see at least a 1 in this area on next week’s update.

This week

Days of Strength Training: 0

Days of Other Workouts: 0


Pre-pregnancy: +9.4lbs

This week: +.6lbs

I expect to be gaining weight every week now, especially since I am almost in the third trimester!


I’m hungry!

Oh, the hunger continues. I have to keep a granola bar in my purse for when the moments of random starvation.

I also always need a mid-morning snack to carry me over to lunch time. My daughter doesn’t mind this since it means she get an extra snack too.

Head Cold/Sinus Infection

The one thing I miss from my first pregnancy is my immune system. I got sick a total of 0 times in the 9 months I was pregnant with my daughter. This cold made 2 times already in this pregnancy.

I have no idea if I had a cold or a sinus infection, but either way it was terrible.

Every time I get sick during pregnancy this time around, it goes to my lungs and activates my asthma. I feel like I can’t breathe and need to keep using my inhaler.

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I would wake up at 4:30 in the morning with that feeling. I’m hoping this was the last time I am sick while pregnant.

I have been taking plain generic robitussin (per my doctor’s recommendation) to help with the chest congestion.

Cravings and Aversions


Yep, the cravings are back in full swing. I even had my Instagram followers get in on the action to help me decide between cravings. I’m sure that’s not the last time that will happen.

Stouffers Mac and Cheese: Loving my mac and cheese! I try to limit myself to no more than 2 times a week.

Apples with Caramel: No apple is the same without caramel dip. I already went through a full salted caramel dip basically on my own. That’s a pretty big feat since I can never finish those tubs. Don’t worry though. I have another one I already opened, so there’s no gap in this craving.  

Chocolate: Halloween is next week, and I will so be eating our extra candy. I’ve already been diving into my daughter’s candy she most likely wouldn’t eat from Halloween festivities this week.  

What I to eat to curb the cravings:

Fruit: We always have a surplus of fruit in our house to encourage us to eat more. I’ve been snacking on fresh grapes in the fridge as they felt nice on my throat through this cold.

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