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The Best Thanksgiving Books for Toddlers

The Best Thanksgiving Books for Toddlers

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Thanksgiving Books for Toddlers -Thanksgiving is an often overlooked holiday. Yes, we sit around the table with family, eat turkey, and talk, but do your toddlers really know why? With a lot of dinners now being cut short due to Black Friday, it’s very possible they don’t.

Think about it. Most stores now start their Black Friday deals on Wednesday and continue those sales through Friday. They even keep them open all day online and open physical stores earlier and earlier every year. I know people who do dinner at 1 p.m. so they can get out the door and stand in line for those Black Friday deals. Not saying that is wrong, but it’s definitely a confusing message for kids.

It’s so important to spend time teaching toddlers what Thanksgiving’s true meaning really is. Gratitude is something toddlers can understand as long as you teach them in a simple, understanding way. Think saying please and thank you, being grateful for your family and friends, and the little things in life.

Not sure how to do that? I’ve put together 12 Thanksgiving books for toddlers that are perfect in explaining the real meaning of Thanksgiving in a simple way.

These will teach them everything from the origin of Thanksgiving (the G rated version we all knew growing up) to why giving thanks is necessary to everyone.

Must have Thanksgiving books for toddlers. Best Thanksgiving books for kids that teach gratitude and what the Thanksgiving holiday is all about. Teaches about the first Thanksgiving, turkey, and fall, which is perfect for preschoolers. #kids #parenting #momlife

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The Best Thanksgiving Books for Toddlers

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The top 12 Thanksgiving books for toddlers. Teach your child about the first Thanksgiving and what giving thanks is all about. Perfect for teaching your preschooler at their level all the fun things to know. #motherhood #kidsactivities #parentingtips

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