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How to Embrace Motherhood With a Toddler

How to Embrace Motherhood With a Toddler

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When your child is still a newborn, mothers would usually think that things will become less exhausting and overwhelming when he grows up a little.

He won’t demand your full attention; he won’t need to be carried and cradled all the time and feeding and sleeping can even be done independently. 


The toddler stage is arguably the most exhausting part of parenthood. They are constantly moving around, curiosity arises, and they can’t help but run and jump around, explore, and show off his newly learned skills. 

Exhausted mom holding a crying toddler while sitting on the couch

You may feel like it’s overwhelming and even feel like you’re a “monster mom” at certain points of the day. You might even wish they could just disappear even just for 1 minute.

The guilt will be there, but it will become a routine to feel like you’ll explode at any point.

Well, I’m here to teach you how to make the most out of this stage. It will get you through feeling so low and just tired of everything.

You can fully embrace motherhood even with a toddler, and here is how.

How to Find Peace and Joy in Raising a Toddler

Start Your Day Right

No matter what happened yesterday, never let its negativity affect the new day that there is today.

Wake up extra early and have a me-time before you get busy with the kids. No matter how short the time you get, just do something which could make you feel good. It will help you in containing the positive energy inside you.

Here are some ideas to do every morning:

Share Quality Time with the Kids

Put your phone down and actually look at your little pumpkin. Let’s admit it. Technology, gadgets, and social media are negatively pulling us away from people who truly matter.

Mom playing with a smartphone while toddler is in her lap crying

We are too busy living up with social media standards and scrolling through our screens instead of making moments with our families.

Always remind yourself that this day will never happen again, so take a moment and make it memorable every single day with your family.

Instead of Taming Them, Play with Them

They will only be this little for a short while, let them move around and explore.

Instead of thinking about how messy it could be, how tiring, and how you can stop them, why don’t you play along and make things less stressful for both of you?

Mom and toddler facing each other stomachs on ground with heads ttouching laughing playfully

Your baby will be happier if you are less controlling and become playful with them. Don’t mind having a messy room, because a messy room means happier kids.

Looking for games to play with your toddler? Check out these board and card games that are great to play with 2-year-olds!

If You Can No Longer Hold It, Own It

Nobody is perfect. There’s no comparing the overwhelming, tiresome, stressful life of a mother. No matter how many kids you have, there will still be dark days when your kids will be extra stubborn, your work piles up in front of you, and your life just seems upside down.

But hey, it is ok.

It’s okay to cry and scream it out (but not in front of the kids) because it’s okay to feel tired and worn out.

What’s important is that after a session of pouring-it-all-out, you can smile and remind yourself that there’s this little one who looks up at you with so much love.

No matter what happens, you will always be the best mommy for him. 

If you’re currently experiencing mom burnout, see how to get through it and get back to being the best mom you can be with this great list of ideas.

Choose Your Battles

Toddler stage means lots of tantrums, demanding everything, and always wanting to be right.

It can be tempting to fight every tantrum and try to teach them right from wrong during EVERY situation, but instead, chose your battles wisely.

Here are some tips to help choose your battles:

  • Avoid situations that can trigger your baby to be upset and have tantrums
  • If he asks for something, evaluate if you can give it
  • Ask yourself if giving won’t hurt or won’t cause trouble, then go
  • If they truly cannot have it, talk to him nicely and explain why. You can use these toddler tantrum tips to help walk you through it

Having a tough time as a stay at home mom? Follow these tips to help you adjust to a routine and keep your sanity.

Toddler holding a sucker while sitting on a couch watching something off camera

Motherhood is not something we can predict and foresee. It can be frustrating and tiring, it is never perfect, to begin with.

But day by day, it’s up to you to own it and embrace it unconditionally. Remind yourself about the gift of parenthood bestowed on you, not everyone gets to become a mother.

Be grateful for all the mess, love the mommy that you are.

Ask help when you need it. Reaching out to others during frustrating and stressful times will be a great help for you to release whatever negative energy you might be keeping.

Remind yourself with full enthusiasm and love, motherhood is worth it!

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