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Bookroo Review + Free Downloadable Bookmarks

Bookroo Review + Free Downloadable Bookmarks

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A Little about Bookroo

Bookroo is a monthly book subscription for kids aged 0-7. They have three different options depending on age. These include board books, hardcover picture books, and chapter books. Each box comes with 2-3 books. My daughter is 2, so we decided to choose the hardcover picture book option for our Bookroo Review.

The company searches long and hard for great books you’ve never heard of. Each potential book is reviewed by 12 different families with a total of 22 kids at Stanford University. All are ages 0-5. The best of the best books are wrapped and sent in the Bookroo boxes, just like the ones I received for this Bookroo review.

The company was started by 3 sister-in-laws who shared a love for books and wanted a way for parents to find the best books out there in an effortless, yet affordable way. They not only build the subscriber’s book library, but also donate books through the Reach out and Read program to children in need. I love being part of an organization that gives back any way they can. You can learn more about Bookroo’s mission here.

Bookroo is a monthly book subscription that takes the effort out of building a children's library of books. That means you have extra time to relax with your toddler and read. Bookroo review. #momlife #booknerd #books


My Daughter’s Bookroo Review

We’ve never tried a book subscription before, so we were excited to do a Bookroo review. My daughter is an official book nerd and we read at least 20 books a day. She is a very opinionated girl (that’s all me), so I knew she was perfect to review them.

Our Bookroo review package came in a turquoise box with a kangaroo on the front. My daughter called the kangaroo “cute.” Once we opened the box, we found 2 neatly wrapped books, just like it was her birthday. Now that’s something every child wishes happened every month! She was excited to see the “presents” and immediately started to rip them open. Bookroo uses recyclable and eco-friendly wrapping paper for every package to keep things green. It makes this subscription so unique and special to my daughter. One of the books was about a birthday present. Ironically she was wearing her “Birthday Princess” shirt (it wasn’t her birthday), so it all matched the theme to perfection.


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Bookroo finds the best books for your children delivered right to your door. Bookroo review. #books #booknerd #children

Chicken Lily

The first book she opened for our Bookroo review was “Chicken Lily,” an adorable book about a chick who was too chicken. It was truly an instant favorite. My daughter is obsessed with lady bugs and it so happens the little chick walked around with a ladybug on her shoulder the whole book! Everything from the wording of the books to the names was spot on. The lamb was named Baabette. It doesn’t get cuter than that folks.

Bookroo knew nothing about my daughter, but she is completely obsessed with all animals. Both books had plenty. On the third day we had the book, she insisted we read it twice. Each time she took her ladybug stuffed animal she owns and kept placing it on the ladybug in the book. On every. Single. Page.


The best tips and tricks to finding the best books for your toddler. Make reading a bedtime routine and create a fun time to remember. Bookroo books are delivered right to your door. Includes free downloadable bookmarks in this Bookroo review. #momlife #books #freebie

The Best Birthday Present Ever!

The second book in our Bookroo review was “The Best Birthday Present Ever!” This was another animal based book. I honestly don’t know if I have actually “read” the book from front to back in its entirety to her. That’s not because she didn’t like it, but she was so intrigued with all the animals. There were turtles, bears, squirrels, mice, rabbits, turtles, and much more. She loved them all. She got so excited to point and name every animal she saw on every page. To her, this was a great book of animal pictures. She thought it was the best thing ever. It honestly doesn’t matter to me how she likes reading the books, just that she likes to interact with them.


Bookroo is a monthly book subscription that takes the effort out of building a children's library of books. That means you have extra time to relax with your toddler and read. #momlife #booknerd #books

Final Bookroo Review Thoughts

Bookroo is a great resource for those who have children who love books. It takes the effort out of finding a new great book and keeps your home library of books full. My daughter especially loved unwrapping the books. It also made her feel special getting a package. I was also very impressed with the illustrations in each book. Each book took the time to develop the animals down to wearing glasses and (add something here).

The price seems pretty reasonable for everything you receive (as low as $16.95/month). One of the books alone shows a price tag of $16.99, so you are getting the books for a deal, plus the wrapping paper. Normally I would view the wrapping paper as a waste, but after seeing that look in my daughter’s eyes when she saw it, it’s worth it.

**Bookroo is also currently offering a 15% discount off your order using code: BOOKS2LOVE

We buy a lot of our current books at a secondhand children’s clothing store. They are very cheap and barely used. Looking at the two types of books next to each other, they are incomparable. The quality in the Bookroo books are much higher and the length is even twice as long. It was great seeing this difference to know what my daughter would have been missing out on with new books like this.


*I received these books at no charge from Bookroo. This review is my true, honest opinion and has not be altered in any way due to compensation.


A Special Bonus for my Journey to SAHM Readers

Anyone can enjoy reading at any age. We have read my daughter books since she was 2 weeks old. It’s always been a part of her bedtime routine (I like to think that’s part of the reason she has slept through the night her whole life).

Since I have the best readers on my page, I have created 2 bookmarks for you to download and use in your household. Enjoy!

Owl Goodnight Bookmark (PDF)

Butterfly Bookmark (PDF)


Free printable bookmarks included in this Bookroo review post. Enjoy! #momlife #free #reading



Free downloadable bookmarks included in this Bookroo Review. Get the kids reading and bringing the world they love to life. #reading #booknerd #books

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Friday 11th of May 2018

I wish this service existed when I was a kid. I loved to read and, of course, loved opening "presents". What a great concept!


Thursday 10th of May 2018

I just ordered my subscription and I can’t wait to get it!! It seems like a great subscription box


Thursday 10th of May 2018

This looks so fun!

Emily at HappyMomBlog

Thursday 10th of May 2018

This sounds like a great idea! My kid are always asking me to get books for them.


Thursday 10th of May 2018

This looks like a lot of fun! My kids would really enjoy this. Thanks for the tip!