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Bump Update: Week 16

Bump Update: Week 16

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It’s week 16! It’s been a tough week with a close call, pain, and I have been SO hungry. We have our ultrasound date officially set in the second half of the month. We’re still deciding on when we will have our gender reveal so we can find out the gender. This week the baby is the size of an avocado. Also, I forgot to take my bump picture until the end of the week on my lazy day, so you get a makeup free picture!


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A Few Week 16 Highlights


Activity Level

This was the worst week of workouts since I started my Fit Mom to Be prenatal workout program. Toward the beginning of the week, I started suffering bad lower back pain. This affected my workouts, but I am determined to get back on track next week. I will talk more about this later in the post.


This week

Days of Strength Training: 1

I only got through one day of my prenatal strength program. I’m technically exactly a week behind on the program, so if I pick back up at the beginning of next week, I can do my workouts as normal and just push it out a week.

Days of Cardio: 0

Sadly, my lower back pain started before I could get a run in. I am optimistic I will start back up next week.


Pre-pregnancy: +1.8lbs

This week: -.4lbs


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Increased Appetite

I am still always hungry and it’s getting harder and harder not to cave into these cravings. I’ll have a full meal and I will be hungry less than an hour later. I think some of it has to do with being less active with my workouts. Either way, I am a little nervous what my weight will be next week after these cravings (I weigh myself at the beginning of the week). Let’s hope the times I did keep in check pay off.



I still feel my sciatica every so often, but it seems to be fading away. I keep up with my stretches on most days to make sure it doesn’t come back. This is around the time in my last pregnancy it started acting up.

Lower Back Pain

My sciatica pain is decreasing as lower back pain comes in. Fun, right? My lower back pain is the reason I couldn’t do my workouts as much this week. The pain would radiate to an aching pain on the outside of my hips. I tried a heating wrap, foam roller, and my husband even gave me a massage. Out of the 3, I think the foam rolling helped the hip pain the most, especially on the IT band.

After a few days of lower back pain, it clicked what was happening. My hips are started to spread a little to help make room for the baby. Fingers crossed this pain will subside going into next week.



I’ve been sleeping a little better this week, so my fatigue is a little better. I am still not 100% though and still feel the need to fall asleep during busy days. The humidity here along with the heat has been tough.


A Close Call

This week I had a close call that scared me with the baby. I was over my parent’s house and my nephew hit a baseball right into my stomach. He is terrible at hitting a moving target, but somehow managed to hit this ball with force. Go figure, right? He hit my stomach right above my belly button toward the right side.

Thankfully I had no spotting, bleeding, or cramping from it. I also had my OBGYN check this week while I was in office and she confirmed that the top of my uterus is currently right under my belly button, so it would have missed the baby. Also, since it did not bruise, it most likely wouldn’t be hard enough to hurt the baby if it did (he’s only 6). I am happy to hear the baby is doing fine.


Cravings and Aversions



Everything sweets. Think donuts, Oreos, fudgicles, chocolate bars, M&Ms, and basically anything else sweet I can get my hands on. I try to curb the cravings by eating frozen grapes and other healthy snacks. It doesn’t always work.


None! I cooked with eggs this week and was perfectly fine!

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