• Healthy Super Bowl snacks and appetizer recipes. Easy to make for the big game with homemade crispy chicken wings, onion rings, donuts, and more. #superbowlparty #superbowlfood #airfryerrecipes #foodrecipes #foodblog
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    21 Delicious and Easy Air Fryer Super Bowl Recipes

    21 Delicious and Easy Air Fryer Super Bowl Recipes – Everyone loves finger foods on game day, but it can be difficult to put a party menu together. What foods should you serve? Should it be gourmet? Should it be made ahead? It can take a lot of thought for football party. So why not put your air fryer to the test with these easy recipes? You can cook everything from crispy chicken wings to appetizers to healthy dessert recipes. The bonus? You can still make things keto, gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan! Here are 21 tasty air fryer recipes to serve to have the best Super Bowl party…

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    5 Mistakes You’re Making with Your Air Fryer

    So you bought an air fryer. You’ve made a few recipes, but things aren’t working as well as you anticipated. Now you’re frustrated and about to put that appliance in storage, never to be seen again. Here are 5 mistakes you can fix to get the best experience out of your air fryer. And trust me, you’re going to love this appliance!   Looking to buy an air fryer? Here are the Top Air Fryers for 2019.   YOU’RE NOT ADDING OIL Air fryers are famous for making fried foods healthier. People assume absolutely no oil is needed and end up with dried out food. An air fryer works similar…

  • Your guide to the best air fryers in 2019 to all the recipes you want. From chicken, to fries, wings, and even an entire turkey, this list will give you the best option for your family. How to find the right air fryer machine to make healthy foods for dinner recipes and easy side dishes in half the time. #airfryer #holidaygifts #blackfriday #healthyrecipes #healthyeating
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    The Best Air Fryers of 2019

      The Best Air Fryers of 2019 – I must admit. A few years ago I had heard of the term air fryer and rolled my eyes. Why do I need a new appliance for these 2 whole recipes I found on the Internet? Is it really worth the cost? Turns out it is… and they’re not as expensive as they once were (plus there are SO many recipes to cook now)! I’ve put together a list of the best air fryers depending on your family’s needs, so you can be happy with your purchase… Honestly you would be happy with all of these, but finding the right size and…

  • The best way to reheat pizza in an air fryer. Use an air fryer machine to keep your pizza crust crispy, but as healthy as pizza comes. Site includes air delicious air fryer recipes! #foodie #healthyfood #foodlover
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    How to Reheat Pizza in An Air Fryer

      I don’t know about you, but I love pizza. Something made me determined to find a way to make leftover pizza new again and I found the magic trick by choosing to reheat pizza in an air fryer. I honestly could have pizza every day if I could. We always get enough to have leftovers because why not? But I always find myself disappointed in the taste. It’s always so soft and tough. Yuck! Reheating it in an air fryer has made such a difference. You need to try it! The best part about an air fryer is it works very similar to an actual deep fryer. It allows…

  • 7 Must Have Air Fryer Cookbooks. A collection of the best air fryer cookbooks perfect for everyone. Each cookbook includes air fryer recipes, including vegetarian air fryer recipes, vegan air fryer recipes, and air fryer chicken recipes. #recipes #food #delicious #yummy #healthyrecipes #cooking
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    The Best Air Fryer Cookbooks on the Market

    Air fryers can seem like a foreign concept. You have this new appliance and have no idea how to use it. Sure you can fry food in it, but what recipes can you use? Did you know you could reheat food, roast vegetables, or even bake in it? I sure didn’t at first. I’ve decided to put together the best air fryer cookbooks so you can get the most out of your air fryer and cook like it’s intended to be used. Before you cook another thing in your air fryer, find out the 5 Mistakes You Might be Making with your Air Fryer to keep you safe. It even…

  • Gnocchi is fried without the oil to create a delicious crisp texture. Serve along with marinara to make a mouth watering modern Italian dish. #food #delicious #yummy
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    Air Fried Crispy Gnocchi

    Gnocchi is a small dumpling made out of potato dough. Despite being made from potatoes, it is very similar to that of pasta, but with more of a thicker, chewier texture. It is a very underrated Italian dish and is typically made by boiling in water and then draining, like pasta. I love how easy this recipe was. When I first fried gnocchi, it took forever to get the oil to the correct temperature and everything tasted soggy. I was excited to try this out in an air fryer to create a crisp outside, but still softer on the inside. Looking for an Air Fryer Cookbook? Check out the best…

  • Making roasted vegetables has never been so easy. These taste just like they came out of the oven! The difference? Less time and less oil. #cooking #yummy #healthy
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    Air Fried Roasted Carrots

    Air Fried Roasted Carrots – One of my favorite things to make in an airfryer is vegetables. I always find myself thinking of a healthy side dish as an after thought when dinner is already in the oven. I end up microwaving frozen vegetables then having to throw away fresh ones when they go bad. That’s no longer a problem with an air fryer, especially with these air fried carrots. Roasting vegetables take half the time and taste just as delicious! Cooking in an air fryer can be intimidating. Here are the main mistakes most air fryer users make. Roasting carrots is a perfect quick side dish to any meal.…