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All the Best Free Online Games for Toddlers Age 3

All the Best Free Online Games for Toddlers Age 3

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Finding free online games for toddlers age 3 can be a challenge, especially when trying to find age-appropriate ones.

Even when looking at just age 3, educational abilities range from wanting to play space bar games or press any key games to almost 4 years old and being able to move the mouse around easily.

I decided to put together a list of all the best games from click games, to press and tap games, and free online games a 3-year-old can play.

Some of these an advanced 2-year-old or almost 3-year-old can play as well.

Be sure to bookmark this page and come back to play all these fun free online games with your toddler any time you want!

It’ll give a small break to you as a parent and still provide an educational aspect for the child.

These are all entirely free online games with no subscriptions required.

Some of the websites do offer an ad-free version for a cost. There are no game limits, but the AAP does recommend 1 hour of screen time a day for 3-year-olds. Find out more about screen time recommendations here.

Girl Playing Free Online Games

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Free Press Any Key Games and Spacebar Games for 3-Year-Olds

Boris the Magician

This free online computer game is perfect as a first press any key game. Simply press any key on the keyboard and watch Mr. Boris the magician put on a magic show.

This also works on a touch screen mobile device as a press and tap game as well.

Rated: 2 Years Old +

Holey Moley

Think about this one like whack-a-mole backward. Press any key on the keyboard and watch animals pop up out of the holes. The faster you click, the more animals you can have up at once.

Rated: 2 Years Old +

Chicken and Chicks

If your toddler loves baby animals, they will love this one. Press any key on the keyboard to watch the chickens lay their eggs and hatch into babies

Rated: 2 Years Old +


Have your 3-year-old create an animal’s body part by body part by tapping the screen or pressing any key on the keyboard. They’ll have fun trying to guess which animal they are making!

Rated: 2 Years Old +

Orange Block

I’m not sure if this game really is intended for toddlers or is really supposed to be a “game,” but it sure is fun and keeps my 3-year-old interested.

Press different keys on your keyboard and watch different designs and sounds come up.

Rated: 2 Years Old +

Olive Colourful Bubbles

This Baby TV free online game works in two ways for different skill levels. Help Oliver the monkey pop his bubbles in his bath by hitting any key on your keyboard. You can also play as a click game as your toddler advances.

Rated: 2 Years Old +

Bed Jump

Knee Bouncers is a fun site filled with free online games for toddlers age 3. This game is no different.

It takes the 5 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed to the next level with these fun animals bouncing on the bed. Each click makes them jump and more animals are added in.

Rated: 2 Years Old +

Toddler Playing Games for Free

Move the Cursor Games

Monkey Music

Simply move the mouse cursor (a monkey) over the different color circles to hear different music sounds. No mouse clicking required

Rated: 3 Years Old +

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood – Guess the Feeling

This PBS kids free online game can be played with a parent with a child as young as 2 years old or alone by a more advanced age 3 toddler.

Daniel Tiger and his school friends take turns showing certain expressions (ie: mad, brave, happy, etc) and you get to guess the feeling being shown. Your toddler even gets to show Daniel Tiger how certain expressions feel too!

Other Daniel tiger online toddler games are available as well on the site.

Rated: 3 and a Half Years Old +

Click and Find

Think of this one as a free online toddler iSpy game. Find the object shown on the left and click on it on the picture in the right. It’s a fun game to educate toddlers on using the mouse with precision.

You can press and tap the objects using a touch screen mobile device for easier playing skills.

Rated: 3 Years Old +

Elmo’s World Games

Another PBS kids game that is fun for age 3 toddlers. Click around Elmo’s room and help him complete certain tasks like dress up his fish or dig through the yard.

Rated: 3 Years Old +

Nina’s World – Letras de Nina

This is a cute free online game from Universal Kids (formerly Sprout). It’s a look and find game throughout different Nina’s World areas to search for different items.

Rated: 3 Years Old +

Sticker Pictures

This Nick Jr free computer game enlists all the fun Nick Jr characters your toddler loves. Choose a background and click buttons to put character stickers in the scene.

Rated: 3 and a Half Years Old +

Animals and their Babies

Turtle Diary is another great site with free online games for toddlers age 3.

This one is an educational computer game for toddlers age 3 that teaches the game hot and cold in a click and tap method.

Rated: 3 Years Old +

Super Slide

This Universal Kids online game can look intimidating at first, but it’s really easy and fun. Select different parts of the slides and then watch the 3 Ruff Ruff, Tweet and Dave characters race down the slide

It’s a very educational online game for 3-year-olds by watching how a loop da loop slows down the car, while a steep slide makes them go faster.

Rated: 3 Years Old +

Music Maker

Another Nick Jr computer game that combines all the characters together. Place the characters on the scene and watch them play music.

Rated: 3 Years Old +

Find the Vegetable

Click and find the vegetable the computer says. This is a fun and educational online game for toddlers to learn and become familiar with healthy vegetables. We can only hope seeing them more often will get them to eat more!

Rated: 3 Years Old +

Make a Cake

How can you not like a free online game called Make a Cake? Your 3-year-old gets to pick a cake base and decorate it by dragging and dropping everything from frosting to letters to candles.

Rated: 3 and a Half Years Old +

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