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Super Fun Activities to Do as a Family at Home

Super Fun Activities to Do as a Family at Home

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It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when you’re home for weeks on end. Staying inside can be a challenge with young children, that’s why these family activities to do with your kids at home comes in handy.

Kids get bored and constantly want something new.

Turns out you can put together something easy for them to do to last them hours and spend quality time with the family at the same time.

These activities can be done with toddlers as young as 2 and up and work perfectly if you have kids of different ages.

Family playing fort

25 Super Fun Activities to Do as a Family at Home

1. Have a Game Night. Toddlers as young as 18 months can play games. Check out these fun toddler games to play. My daughter is currently loving Zoo on the Loose and Jumping Jack.

2. Do Science Experiments Together. Here are some super simple science experiments for kids ages 2 and up. They’re extremely easy to set up and the kids will love it!

3. Play Charades. Charades is insanely fun to play with kids of all ages. Download this free animal charades game with pictures on the cards for the little kids.

4. Camping Inside. Get out the flashlights and sleeping bags and camp out on the living room floor. You can even make some smores and sing campfire songs!

5. Have a Family Movie Night. Make some popcorn using an actual popcorn maker (they’re actually pretty cheap!) and pick out your favorite on Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, or just rent something special On Demand. Now get on the couch and snuggle up! No phones or laptops allowed.

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Super Fun Indoor Recess Activities for Kids at Home

6. Make-Your-Own Ice Cream Sundaes. Put together the best toppings you can find in the house and place them in a muffin tin. Have your kids put their toppings on and enjoy!

7. Have a Living Room Dance Party. Turn on Spotify or Pandora and dance around the room. We personally love “Toddler Radio” on Pandora.

8. Bake Something Together. Find your favorite cookie, brownie, or muffin recipe and bake! Use these tips to bake with toddlers as young as 2.

Family baking together

9. Make Popsicles. We love making our favorite juice into a popsicle using our Zoku Maker and we have popsicles in less than 10 minutes. You can also use these very inexpensive popsicle molds.

10. Have an Indoor Picnic. Lunch doesn’t have to be basic. Surprise your kids with an indoor picnic packed completely in the living room.

11. Have a Family Pillow Fight. Grab your fluffiest and softest pillows in the house and have fun!

Family having a pillow fight

12. Play Circus. Get out your child’s stuffed animals and play pretend. You can try juggling, walk the tightrope, and even tame a lion!

13. Create a Marching Band. Find all the instruments in the house and walk around the house singing songs.

14. Play Bowling. Use this awesome bowling set to bowl in the house!

15. Play Hide-and-Seek. Have a full house version of hide-and-seek.

16. Build a Fort. Use all your blankets, cushions, and chairs to build a massive fort. Use a flashlight inside and cuddle up and read books together.

Mom and kids in a fort

17. Have a Dinosaur Scavenger Hunt. Grab 12 plastic dinosaurs and hide them around the house. Give your toddler a bucket and have them search! You can play hot and cold. If you don’t have any dinosaurs, you can use your child’s favorite figurines (even Disney princesses!).

18. Do Yoga. It’s great to keep the kids active while inside. Cosmic Kids Yoga on Youtube is a great option!

19. Create an Indoor Obstacle Course. Put together all your ropes, pillows, cushions, hula-hoops, cones, and more and create the biggest indoor obstacle course you’ve ever seen!

20. Play Dress Up. Have everyone go into the closet and find the funniest things to wear. You can even get out old Halloween costumes!

21. Wash the Dog. Get the kids involved in washing the dog in the bathtub. They will have a blast. Don’t have a dog? You can always play Soggy Doggy to imitate it!

22. Create a Scrapbook. Don’t think of this as an intense scrapbook, just something fun the kids put together. Have them pick the pictures to put on each page.

23. Hold a Puppet Show. You can use these cute puppets or create your own using paper bags then get behind a cardboard box and put on the show!

24. The Floor is Lava. Who doesn’t love this game?! Put some cushions, pillows, and other flat objects on the ground and have fun!

25. Race Cars. Grab your favorite matchbox cars (we even use these Disney ones) and race them across the floor. This works great if you have an extra piece of wood to use as a ramp too!

Have any other ideas to share? Let us know below!

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Saturday 17th of September 2022

Another spin on the pillow fight idea... stuff your fluffiest pillows underneath oversized t-shirts and Sumo wrestle!