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Simple Ways to have a Frugal Easter

Simple Ways to have a Frugal Easter

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It seems like every winter month there’s a holiday asking us to spend money. It can get expensive! We’ve gone through Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, and now we are at Easter.

At this point, you may shop for convenience and assume pinching pennies at Easter is even possible. Well, it is – and having a frugal Easter is easy.

You can still stock up the kid’s Easter baskets with budget-friendly tactics. These can even be used for all other holidays around the year.

Here are the best tips for a frugal Easter that will save your family money on a tight budget


Reuse as Much as Possible from Last Year

Did you know those thrifty decorations at Christmas Tree Shops last years to come? We place them inexpensive totes, label them, and pull out the decorations every year.

Reusing isn’t just for decorations. Invest in a basket that you can use for years to come. You can also reuse Easter grass or foam each year as well.


Stop Trying to Be a Pinterest Queen

Pinterest has some gorgeous Easter baskets. Did you know they can come at a pretty hefty price to duplicate? Think about what your child needs. Do they really need a Disney princess themed Easter Basket like this?

Chances are unless you have a tween or older they won’t even notice nor care about how much effort you put into making the basket pretty.


Use Coupons!

Shopping for candy can get expensive. Use newspaper coupons or print grocery coupons on MyPoints to save even more money at Easter. They have the same coupons as, except you also earn points to get free gift cards just for printing and using coupons!

You can also stack those coupons with rebate apps. Here are the top 5 apps to use to save even more.

If you want to save even more money through extreme couponing as a mom, here are some tips to get you started!

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Shop the Actual Candy Aisle, No Just the Seasonal One

Peeps, chocolate bunnies, and jelly beans are typical staples for Easter. This year try expanding and get your child’s favorite candy or food outside the holiday aisles.

Candy tends to be cheaper in the normal candy aisle because it’s not wrapped in Easter paper or shaped like an egg. Chances are your kids won’t even notice. They’ll just be thrilled to eat candy.

Don’t want to give them candy? Here are 101 Toddler Easter basket ideas that don’t include candy.


Simple ways to budget for a frugal Easter and still have fun! Tips include how to shop at the Dollar Tree, save money on candy through coupons, and so much more. Make Easter amazing for your family even on a tight budget. #easter #frugaltips #thriftyliving #easterideas #budgetingtips

Shop the Sales

Shopping sales isn’t just for Christmas. A lot of stores have toy deals all year round. One perfect example is Target. They recently had all Rapunzel doll items and a Disney princess set both on sale for almost 50% and then had a cartwheel deal for an additional 50% off.

I bought a singing Rapunzel doll for $5 (normally $20) and a set of Disney Princesses for $18 (normally $65) just 4 weeks ago. Another tip? Easter is only 3 months from Christmas. After Christmas deals can be insanely cheap, so stock up for Easter!

Another great place to shop sales? Amazon. They constantly have candy deals and toy sales year round, especially when there is an upcoming holiday (Easter included).


Stop Buying So Much

Americans spent an estimated $18.2 Billion on Easter in 2018, which equals about$150 per person. Does your child really need 20 types of candies and toys? Think about how long they played with their toys last year and how hyperactive they were after eating all that candy.

You might even have leftover candy that gets thrown out after a month or two. Buy just enough to fill the basket and watch how happy your child still is. If you feel like they’ll go through it quickly after they get the basket, follow the next tip.

Shop Holiday Clearance

Technically you can’t do this one until AFTER Easter this year, but this will allow you to have an even more frugal Easter next year. Holiday clearance can start as early as the day after a holiday.

Some stores might even clearance items before the holiday! As it gets farther from the holiday, prices continue to drop, but so does selection.

To give you an idea, a week after Valentines Day I bought Hershey kisses for $1 a bag, a Valentines Day craft kit for $.49, bath bombs for $.39, and character themed Valentines for $.39 a piece. The candy I can use for Easter (they’re pink, purple, and blue!) and everything else will save me money next year!


Shop at the Dollar Store

The Dollar Store is a great store to shop for Easter. They sell all the essentials like bubbles, paint, food, and more. Forget those $7 bunny ears and save $6 by buying them at the dollar store.

They even sell Easter grass and baskets! I go there every year before I start Easter shopping to see what items I can cross off my list for much cheaper.


Make Your Own Easter Treats

Stop paying $10 for a package of cookies at the local bakery and make your own! There are so many easy recipes out there to make your own sweet treats. Get the kids involved and let them decorate cut out Easter egg cookies.

Here are a few great recipes to try!

Spring Chocolate Pretzel Nests

Butterfly Chocolate Chip Cookies


Use Crafts for Decorations

This one will not only save you money, but give you bonus points with the kids. Get everyone together and do an Easter craft. Here are some easy ones to make!

Easy Egg Wreath

Pom Pom Egg Painting

Hand and Footprint crafts


What is your favorite way to save on Easter? Share in the comments!

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Monday 26th of March 2018

Great article and ideas! =)


Thursday 22nd of March 2018

Great tips. I always use things from the year before. I have the decorations and even the old eggs to use again. Dollar Store is great for this stuff. Rachel from Explore Kid Talk

Lauren @ Simply-Well-Balanced

Tuesday 20th of March 2018

Wonderful ideas. I was drawn to read this because I pride myself on not wasting money needlessly on the holidays. I would rather spend my money on things that my family will really value or enjoy. So much of our holidays are filled with items that end up being thrown away. I love to re-purpose and buy carefully. I will definitely be using some of these strategies.


Tuesday 20th of March 2018

I am the same way Lauren. I am glad these will help out!


Monday 19th of March 2018

These are great ideas! I try to use what’s left over from last year with baskets and decorations. I don’t have kids but a step nephew who’s adorable!


Monday 19th of March 2018

These are great tips. I’m guilty for keeping Thanksgiving and Christmas decor but not Easter! I also love investing in a personalized Easter basket!