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How to Reduce Debt in Just 6 Weeks

How to Reduce Debt in Just 6 Weeks

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This post is sponsored by Zena Amundsen and The Heart of Your Money e-course. All opinions and content are my own and have not been altered due to any compensation or product received.


Finding ways to reduce debt can be a challenge. You hear so many stories about how you can’t save unless you cut out X, Y, and Z, but is that really the answer? Is there one cookie cutter answer to cut everyone’s debt while keeping them happy? I had the chance to review Zena’s Heart of Money Course to help reduce debt. Find out about the course and if it will really help your finances be in a better place.


Learn tips on how to reduce debt quickly in just 6 weeks using the Heart of Your Money e-course. Control your personal finances and life by using simple techniques tailored to your family. #budget #savemoney #savings


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How to Reduce Debt with the Heart of Money Course

The Heart of Your Money e-course is a 6-week course to set you up for success financially by changing your relationship with money. It’s geared toward those who want to be in control of their finances, reduce debt, or even just create a better connection with money.

As a mom it’s normal to feel like you’re holding up your whole family while keeping your finances in order. It can feel overwhelming and sometimes you can even feel like you’re out of control with your finances. Nothing feels better than creating a stable environment financially and feel happy about where you are.


About the Course

The course starts with your past, how you view money, and works you up to your future focusing on your family’s priorities. Every week you receive an approximate 15-minute video explaining what you’re focusing on for the week along with 1-3 different worksheet exercises to personalize your experience with the course.

It focuses on your own personal finances and outlook on money as opposed to the universal standard. It makes the change for you, not just how the change should happen.

Learn tips on how to reduce debt quickly in just 6 weeks using the Heart of Your Money e-course. Control your personal finances and life by using simple techniques tailored to your family. #budget #savemoney #savings

When I started the Heart of Your Money e-course, I expected the normal “stop spending money” speeches everyone is used to. I was surprised to see it wasn’t. There’s no giving up your coffee at your favorite café if it’s what get you through the morning. There’s no giving up cable if you need to watch sports (yep, that’s me!). It’s tailored to you.

It digs into your past and sees where your view of money originates from. The best part? There is no budget. The word doesn’t exist in her course. You will learn how to create your own cash flow to control the money coming in and out of your house the way you would like it, not the way society thinks it should when you work to reduce debt.


Who This Course is For

This course is for those looking to find a financial balance in their life. To feel stable when it comes to money and understand what’s important to them when it comes to money. The course is for those willing to make a great effort in making a change and getting the whole family on board as well.

Who Shouldn’t Buy the Course

This course is not for anyone who thinks becoming financially stable is easy. It takes work. There is no one answer for everyone, so it can be challenging to find a cash flow that works for your family. If you’re not willing to work for it, this course is not for you. You will not find success with your debt unless you put 110% effort in and your family supports you in the decision.


Learn how to control your finances and reduce debt quickly in just 6 weeks using the Heart of Your Money e-course. Use simple techniques to get your family into a great relationship with money. Use the tips supplied in the course to cut back credit cards debt and put together a manageable groceries budget. #debt #savingmoney #financialfreedom


My Thoughts

I enjoyed how inspiring Zena was throughout the entire course. She is so optimistic you can control your money and feel happy about it. She is also very down to earth. I am sick of every course and book about money telling you to do no spend challenges or giving up what is important to you.

One blanket statement cannot be made for each person when it comes to your finances. It needs to be personalized to your family, what they need, and what they enjoy.

My one drawback of the Heart of Money e-course is the cost. It’s hard to come up with extra funds when what you’re trying to do in the first place is save money. Changes take effort and if someone buys this course without the motivation and determination to make a change, they will lose out on not only the money, but also the resources supplied in the course.

It can also be tough to navigate the course without pure motivation. You could fill out the worksheets with skin deep information and learn nothing or take the extra time to really think about your financial abilities to make a change.



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