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Bump Update: Week 23

Bump Update: Week 23

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Hello week 23! It was a fast, but tiring week, but I made it through! This baby tends to push on my bladder and just some very not nice spots. Baby is the size of a grapefruit and is officially more than 1lb!

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A Few Week 23 Highlights


Activity Level

My activity level was basically non-existent. I have been a little more tired than usual and focuses on other things. I would like to get back working out about 1-2 times a week, especially with the holiday season coming up. I am a sucker for candy and sweets.

This week:

Days of Strength Training: 0

Days of Other Workouts: 1

Honestly, a trip to the zoo with a 2-year- old is a workout. It’s a long walk and you’re pushing a stroller and picking her up all the time. We walked at least 2 miles down and uphill. I was exhausted by the end of it.



Pre-pregnancy: +8.8lbs

This week: +1lbs

I am happy with my weight gain thus far. I have a weight gain chart I am trying to stick to (gain an average of .75lbs throughout my pregnancy). I am still below this as of now.

It's pregnancy week 23! The baby is the size of a grapefruit and growing bigger each day. Follow my weekly bump progression pics and weekly bump pictures on this pregnancy journey. Includes my pregnancy cravings and pregnancy symptoms during this second trimester. #mommytobe #babybump



I’m hungry!

I don’t see this going away any time soon. I am just continuously hungry! I find myself eating snacks all the time and just wanting dessert. 2-4:30 p.m. and 8-9:30 p.m. are my food kryptonite times. I drink 90+oz of water right now, so I know I’m not just thirsty. This baby just wants food! You can find out why I’m drinking that much water in my Week 20 Bump Update.


Uncomfortable Sleep

The uncomfortable sleep continues. It’s so hard to find a comfortable spot on my side. When I do, the baby decides to move, making me uncomfortable AGAIN. He’s also very active at night. Imagine trying to fall asleep with your husband poking you every 5 seconds. It’s like when you’re cuddling and he keeps moving every minute to get comfortable, except like 10 times worse.


A Pulling Feeling

I know this feeling is normal, but it keeps happening. I think it happens when I stand or walk too long. It’s happened at the DMV when I had to replace my license plates, at the zoo, at Target, and at home when I was walking around. It just feels like the baby is lower and pushing on some ligaments he should not be pushing on. I have been wearing a belly band to help with that feeling, so hopefully this will clear up.

Cravings and Aversions



My cravings are starting to come back again from last week and they are not healthy ones.

Stouffers Mac and Cheese: I’m still on the mac and cheese. I had a 10% Target Anniversary coupon, so I stocked up on even more mac and cheese. I think I have about 10 boxes now. I’m hoping this lasts me through the rest of my pregnancy, but we shall see…

Apples: My apple craving has gone down a little bit. I guess I ate too many. I am eating one right now as I type, but just because I know I should have a piece of fruit. The caramel is just a nice added addition.

Chocolate: My chocolate craving is coming back in full swing. I want chocolate donuts, chocolate bars, chocolate ice cream, and just about anything with chocolate in it. I may have bought way more candy for Halloween than we need to satisfy this one. I know that’s not the best choice, but Halloween only comes once a year!


What I want to eat to curb the cravings

Notice this week it says what I want to eat. I need to get back on track with finding ways to satisfy those cravings, especially the chocolate one, in a better way.


Frozen fruit smoothies

Frozen grapes



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