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The Simple Way to Save Money on Diapers

The Simple Way to Save Money on Diapers

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Are you spending way too much on diapers? You’re not the only one. I see so many “deals” posted on websites, but how do you know it’s actually a “good deal?”

The trick is to know how much you are paying per DIAPER, not per pack. It’s easy. I promise.

First take how the dollar amount of the pack of diapers you want to get. Target charges $24.29 per 112 pack (size 4 Huggies brand). You can find a $2 coupon usually in the Sunday paper,, or on the brand’s website. This brings your total to $22.29. Next you look at how many diapers are in the pack. 112 for this scenario. Last divide them to determine what each individual diaper costs.

Here it is in simpler terms:

Price you’re paying / Amount of diapers = Price per diaper

Ex: $22.29 (price)/ 112 (# of diapers) = $.2008 per diaper


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What about with a cash back or sale?

This continues to be the case when a store has an offer along with the sale.

Target frequently offers gift cards with the purchase of a certain dollar amount or quantity. One offer is buy 2 boxes of diapers, get a $10 gift card. You can use the same trick for these:

We will assume you are paying $22.49 a pack with 2 coupons. That makes 2 packs of diapers $44.98. Subtract the $10 gift card and you will receive to get your total amount.

$34.98 (price of 2 packs with $10 gift card included)/
(112×2) 224 diapers total =
$.1562 per diaper

*Just remember if you have included that $10 gift card in your savings, you are spending $10 when you use the gift card. Otherwise you will double count savings and spend more.*


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So when should I buy diapers?

My rule of thumb is wait on anything above 16 cents a diaper unless completely needed. As you calculate what your area offers, you will determine a great starting price to stock up!

Where is your favorite place to buy diapers? Let me know in the comments!


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