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18 Fun Active Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

18 Fun Active Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

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It can be tough to keep preschoolers entertained while you’re stuck at home. That’s why I had to put together all of these active indoor activities for preschoolers.

This is a list of super fun activities to do with your toddlers that are educational and can help get that built up energy out!

Simply look through the list and click on the “Continue Reading” button under the activity you want to learn more about. It will take you to the page with that exact activity to do!

These active activities are designed to be low-prep on your part, but incredibly fun for the younger kids. Some even include ways to get the older kids involved too!

But Just Quick… Indoor Active Toys for Preschoolers

This little list includes active toys that can be used indoors over and over again.

Keep reading below for active activities you can do with your preschoolers right now if you’re looking to do something today.

Monkey Around Board Game

Alex Monkey Balance Board

Little Tikes Mini Trampoline

National Geographic Balance Stepping Stones

Super Fun Indoor Recess Ideas

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Indoor Active Activities for Preschoolers

A collection of activities to get your kids away from the TV and up off their feet.

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