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The Best Dinosaur Toys for Toddlers in 2019

The Best Dinosaur Toys for Toddlers in 2019

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Toddlers tend to be drawn toward dinosaurs. It might be the idea of something they’ve never seen before, playing pretend, or something else. Either way, I’ve put together a list of must-have dinosaur toys for toddlers you can’t pass up.

These are the best of the best dinosaur toys for 2-year-olds up to 4-year-olds so young toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy.

Whether you are shopping for Christmas 2019, a birthday, or just your dinosaur-loving toddler, this list is filled with everything from dinosaur figures and puzzles to a 2-foot dinosaur!

What are the Benefits of Toddlers Playing with Dinosaurs?

Playing with dinosaurs is one of the first ways to introduce your toddler about history.

It’s the first time your toddler may learn that there was life before them and even you as their parent.

If you’ve ever met a dinosaur obsessed toddler, they know more names of more dinosaurs and what features they have than you even know.

They may even tell you when they lived, when they went extinct, and what they ate for food. It’s amazing.

Learning about dinosaurs also teaches toddlers about categories. They will learn which dinosaurs belong with others and which are plant eaters vs. carnivores.

I once tried to teach my daughter about different birds, but it never stuck. There was never a robin next to a cardinal or sparrow, so teaching them as they came was hard.

With dinosaurs, it made sense to her. They were all right in front of her, whether it would be watching a TV show or playing with dinosaur figurines. She could tell the dinosaurs apart.

This knowledge can translate to learning other topics in preschool and as years go on. It gets your child interested in learning more about the world.

Toddler with Dinosaur Toy

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