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Bump Update: Week 13

Bump Update: Week 13

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I’m officially in the 2nd trimester, also known as the most energizing, comfortable trimester! I hope that holds true. At Week 13, the baby is the size of a lemon. On Sunday, the baby was the size of a potsticker! That made me laugh when I saw the comparison.

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A Few Week 13 Highlights


Activity Level

As the week progressed, I’ve grown more and more exhausted. I blame this mostly on not being able to sleep well. I have also been battling either allergies or a little nasal cold, which hasn’t helped. Let’s hope this passes and I get my energy back! Either way, I will continue to take it easy until I start feeling better.


This week

Days of Strength Training: 3

This was my last week on my Phase 1 workouts! My first 2 days of strength training were a little draining, but I felt better on the third day. I’ve also been noticing my muscles are less and less sore the next day meaning they are getting used to the workouts. I can’t wait to try out the phase 2 workouts to keep the progression going.

Days of Cardio: 2 (1 running, 1 swimming)

Running Distance: 2.68 miles at 12:14 pace (+.03 miles, -0:16 pace) – includes warm-up and cool down

Swimming: We went over my mother-in-law’s house this week, so I took advantage and did some laps across the pool.


Pre-pregnancy: +0lbs

This week: -.8lbs

I am not nervous about the drop as I weigh myself 2-3 times a week and I see it fluctuate 1-2lbs. It just happened to be down on the day I record my weekly weight.


Bump progression pics! Here is my week 13 bump update with my weekly bump pictures. Stay up to date on my pregnancy, pregnancy photos, fit pregnancy, and more every week! #pregnancy #pregnancyproblems #momlife




I have been feeling a little worn out. I keep trying to take it easier during the week, but it’s hard with so many committed plans already. I’m hoping now that my allergies are getting better, I will start to feel more energized. I also hope that once my husband is 100% over his little cold he had this past week, he will stop snoring and I will stop waking up multiple times a week.


Increased Appetite

I’ve been noticing an increase in appetite, both good and bad. I am getting more and more drawn to junk food. I am okay with indulging in some sweets, but working hard to keep that in moderation.

Dull Hair

They say pregnancy can make your hair look shinier. That doesn’t happen for me. Both pregnancies I have experienced dull, fragile hair. I hate it! After taking this week’s bump photo, I knew I needed a change. I decided to chop off 4-5 inches and put in highlights to make it look better. Stay tuned for next week’s bump photo to see my new hair!



This really isn’t a “symptom,” but a change from last week. I am finally back to cooking dinner each night and planning our meals. It definitely helps that I have such an easy way of meal planning for the family. I’ve included a link to my easy meal plan to make things easier for you!

Meal Plan in 30 Minutes with this Busy Mama Template!



A Bump

I’ve already had a bump for quite a few weeks. They say you get bigger faster in your second pregnancy. It continues to grow and now I am officially doing the rubber band trick so I can continue to wear my normal shorts comfortably. I am hoping this will last me another few weeks before I am forced to go to (oh no!) maternity ones.


Baby Brain

So, I have had this since I found out I was pregnant. Technically, it never went away since I was pregnant with Leah, but it has since heightened. I never remember why I went to the kitchen sink, where I put food I just took out, and more. Fingers crossed this starts to go away. I feel so all over the place when it happens. I hate that feeling!



I have occasionally felt my sciatic nerve throughout the week. I keep doing physical therapy exercises and stretches from my first pregnancy. Let’s hope this is the last time you hear me say the word sciatica since it was a real pain (literally) the first time.


Cravings and Aversions



I haven’t had really any actual cravings this week, but here is what I have been eating:

  • Frozen grapes (I’m even eating them right now)
  • Homemade fruit smoothies (ALDI’s was good to me)
  • Cracker and spreadable cheese packs


  • Eggs – I can eat them if I don’t see them in what we are having, but I cannot cook with them myself (still)

Stay tuned for Week 14!

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