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Maternity Rubber Band Pants Trick

Maternity Rubber Band Pants Trick

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One of my first symptoms during both pregnancies was bloating, and I mean insane bloating. At 5 to 6 weeks, my work pants and normal shorts were already tight and actually starting to hurt to wear.

There was no way I was changing to maternity clothes that early. I like to stay out of them as long as possible. Instead, I turned to the rubber band pants trick to help and it worked wonders!


What is the Rubber Band Pants Trick?

This trick extends the waist on your pants to allow for more room. It lets you keep your normal pants for longer while pregnant. I am currently using this technique at 14 weeks pregnant and will continue it for as long as I can.


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What do you need?


1 rubber band

That is it! I recommend a smaller, but sturdy rubber band. If you only have a longer rubber band, you can still use it for this trick. I will tell you how.


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How do you do it?

Wrap the rubber band around the button on your pants at least twice. This allows the rubber band to stay put when you are in a restroom. Who wants it to fall on the floor?! If you have a longer rubber band, continue to wrap the rubber band around the button until there’s about an inch left. You can always have more or less leeway left depending on how much of an extension you need.

Now slide the rubber band through the backside of the button slot and toward the front, then wrap it back around the button.


Some Tips

  • Wear longer shirts so others are not aware
  • Keep an extra rubber band on hand in your purse in case the one you are using randomly breaks
  • The longer the leeway after wrapping it around the button, the more it will help extend your pants
  • You can get more of an extension by zipping up your pants a little less as well


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Sunday 2nd of September 2018

Hi Samantha, This is an impressive trick. I am currently pregnant with my first baby. So, I think your tricks are helpful for me. I am going to apply this. Thanks for the sharing such an informative article.


Monday 3rd of September 2018

Congratulations! I am still currently using this trick at 17 weeks pregnant, but since this is my second I "popped" earlier and am at the end of my regular pants and shorts.


Thursday 16th of August 2018

I see this mom hack everywhere but I've yet to try it. I wore nothing but leggings and spandex pants during pregnancy and they never had buttons so yeah. I might give this a try in the near future :)


Thursday 16th of August 2018

It's definitely worth trying! Honestly I plan to use it when I ALMOST fit back into jeans again. I do need to step up my leggings and spandex this pregnancy as well though. It sounds so comfortable!


Wednesday 15th of August 2018

Tried this as well as the fabric bands and did not find either comfortable at all! I invested in once nice pair of maternity jeans, made such a huge difference! But otherwise I lived in leggings, lol


Wednesday 15th of August 2018

It can definitely be a hit or miss for people. I switch into sweat shorts when I'm home and only wear the jeans in public!


Wednesday 15th of August 2018

I wish I knew this while pregnant with my 1 year old. I really struggled with tight pants. This is an awesome trick-thanks Samantha.

Christa Anne

Wednesday 15th of August 2018

I totally used this trick during my last pregnancy. It was such a great money saver. (I also loved that I could "wear" non-maternity jeans. Lol.)


Wednesday 15th of August 2018

Yes, it's amazing Christa! And you're right, I hate spending the extra money on maternity clothes. I feel like they up the prices because they know you have to buy them.