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Simple Winter Hat Craft for Toddlers

Simple Winter Hat Craft for Toddlers

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I put together this cute little winter hat craft for toddlers to enjoy this winter season. It’s a great art project for kids as young as 2 and up and beyond preschool age.

I’ve included a winter hat template that’s completely free to print (no email required for access). There are two versions of the hat depending on which you choose.

winter hat craft for toddlers

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How to Make This Simple Yet Fun Winter Hat Craft for Toddlers

First, grab a copy of the winter hat printable at the bottom of this post. It will come up as a PDF for you to print.

I recommend printing the template on cardstock or thicker paper to get the best results. You can print it on normal computer paper, but the paper can get a little flimsy to keep as artwork.

Take a white crayon and have your toddler color different designs/patterns.

I like to make an extra craft and draw my own patterns with a white crayon as well. When drawing with a 2-year-old, sometimes (well basically all the time) their drawing ability isn’t the… best.

Don’t worry. They’ll still have plenty of chances to put their own creativity into this project without doing that part.

colored winter hat craft

Using markers, have your toddler color the hat. Since the hat is still attached to the full paper, they can color outside the lines without it affecting the final project.

I like to use big markers like these Crayola My First Ultra-Clean Washable Markers especially designed for toddlers’ hands.

As your child colors, the parts with the white crayon will repel the marker creating the hidden designs either you or your child drew.

Using scissors, cut the hat shape out of the paper. If you have a more advanced preschooler, you can use this as a scissor practice exercise as well.

cut out winter hat craft

After the winter hat is cut out, place glue on the hat and have your toddler put pieces of cotton balls on top of it. Then do the same with the bottom rim of the hat.

This winter hat craft for toddlers does not work with colored pencils or crayons colored over the white crayon.

I have tried all three ways and markers are the only one that creates a repelling effect.

The result is a fun winter hat art activity you can display on the fridge or anywhere else you would like.

You can also make multiple winter hats and string them together to create a winter wonderland garland for the winter season.

Download your free printable winter hat template here.

winter hat template

Download your free printable winter hat template here.

winter hat craft with cotton balls

Winter Hat Craft

Yield: 1 craft
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 25 minutes
Difficulty: Easy
Estimated Cost: $2

A simple craft for toddlers to make this winter.


  • 1 hat craft downloadable template (see above)
  • 1 white crayon
  • Markers
  • 6-8 cotton balls, ripped into 4-5 pieces each


  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Print downloadable hat craft template.
  2. Draw on the template with a white crayon in the middle section of the hat.
  3. Color the middle section of the hat with markers.
  4. Cut out the hat.
  5. Place glue on the top part of the hat and place cotton ball pieces on top of it.
  6. Place glue on the bottom rim of the hat and place the remaining cotton ball pieces on top.


Make this craft extra fun by printing out multiple copies, hole punching the tops, and stringing them together to create garland!

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