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February Blog Income Report – 2019

February Blog Income Report – 2019

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, please read my disclaimer here.

February Blog Income Report 2019 – I went into February thinking I had another week or two to get everything together on the site before the baby came. Well, baby had other plans and we welcomed our lovely Connor on February 2nd, 10 days before his due date.

This caught me a little off-guard since our first was born basically on her due date, so I expected the same with him. Instead we enjoyed the Super Bowl in the hospital, but honestly, if there was one Super Bowl you were going to watch there, that one would be it.

Within 2 days of being back home, I went back to work on the site to try to catch back up Unfortunately, it’s very hard to focus on anything with a newborn around. You just want to spend all day giving cuddles!

Thankfully even with all that I had a record-breaking month blogging!


Blogging Like A Minimalist 

When you’re first starting off as a blogger, it’s crucial to only spend your funds on things you need. Here’s a quick list of blogging must-haves every new blogger should have, even as a minimalist spender.


To have a website, you need a domain. Otherwise, what do you have? It’s so important to have a self-hosted website from the start.

If you set up a free website, you run into problems with trying to monetize it and then will need to transfer everything over to another website once you get to that point (I’ve heard it is a big pain).

I personally use Bluehost. They’re offering a deal for just $3.95/month right now and provide a free SSL to make sure your website is secure. You work through WordPress, which is a great tool to use!


Short Pixel

Short Pixel is a WordPress plug-in that optimizes your pictures on your website. It decreases their size without hurting their quality to improve your website’s speed. Having a faster load speed helps with SEO and keeps people on your website longer.

To a beginning blogger, it may seem over your head to look at website speed. If you start this from the start, it ends up being cheaper in the end.

With their one-time plan, you pay just $19.99 for 30,000 pictures. You also get 100 pictures free every month PLUS an extra 100 pictures for using this link. It will last you years into blogging.

When you use this from the start, you continue to use your 100 free credits every month instead of needing to optimize EVERY picture from previous months when you realize how much you need this.



Tailwind is a website that automatically pins Pinterest pins at optimized times. It is a MUST for every blogger. While it can seem like a hefty price for just an automatic service, but it is SO worth it. Plus you can get 30 days free here!

It also provides critical analytics for your website and how your Pinterest boards are performing. Pinterest typically provides bloggers with 80% of their page views. It’s crucial to pin at times your audience is the most active. This could be Sunday at 5 p.m. or Thursday at 11 p.m.

I don’t know about you, but it can be impossible to pin at all those times with a family and even possibly a full-time job. Tailwind allows you to pin at ALL those times at your convenience. That means you can pin all your pins for the week or even the month all in one day.

The best part? I have a free strategy that can allow you to pin all your pins for a month in just ONE HOUR! Yep! That means you can spend all that extra time growing your blog and writing content.


Genius Blogger’s Toolkit

I wish I could say I know everything there is to know about blogging. Honestly, you will never meet something that knows everything. Things are constantly changing and there is so much to learn!

The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is a collection of blogging resources from the technical side, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, product creation, working with brands, and much more. It’s only available for a limited time every year and insanely cheap.

Sign up here to get an email when the toolkit is available again. I will also be sharing that information with my email subscribers, so get on my list so you don’t miss it!


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February blog income report from a mom blogger. Find out tips and tricks to start a blog as a minimalist, how to make money from a mom blog at home, and ideas to keep your blog growing. #momblog #momblogger #incomereport #bloggerlife


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February Blog Income Stats

February has been a milestone of a month! I officially hit 1 year of blogging on the 28th and it was my first month to pass $1,000 in revenue as a blogger! I’ve been so happy with the progression of the website and am excited to see where I am a year from now.

February also marked the first month I had a virtual assistant. I have been happy with this decision, even if it’s only a few hours a month right now.

It’s very helpful and takes a little load off me, so I can focus on my family and writing posts. I hope to expand this as my income continues to increase.


Page Views: 49,071
Sessions: 38,463
Bounce Rate: 84.13%



Income Report


Income: $1,107.53


Affiliate Income: $205.48

February is an odd month for buying. Everyone is out of the holiday buying mindset and starting to get over the whole “healthy me” New Years resolutions. Even with that, I made more than $200 in affiliate sales.

I hope to continue to grow this as the months go by and see a substantial increase when the holiday season rolls around again.


Ad Income: $656.22

Although February is the shortest month of the year, it has been the highest month for ad revenue since switching to Mediavine (and ever).

This is a great sign as 2019 continues to progress. I am hoping this revenue stays consistent or even increases as the year goes on!


Sponsored Posts/Products: $245.83

I was able to work with a few great companies in February. I don’t take many sponsored post opportunities because I must love the brands I promote. Last month I was thankful to work on sponsored blog posts and Instagram posts as well.


Expenses: $139.88

Expenses typically happen monthly for a blogger. Some payments are annual, but they are frequently charged monthly. Here’s how this month’s expenses are broken down.


Domain Re-Registration: $14.88

Every year, I must re-register my website URL. This allows me to fully own the website name. Being self-hosted is very important when it comes to blogging to ensure your content is truly owned by you.

I recommend and use Bluehost as a host to your site once you buy your domain. It has provided me great service, is cost efficient, AND provides a free SSL, which makes your site more secure.


Virtual Assistant: $100

I pay my virtual assistant monthly for her services. It has been a fantastic way to take a little off my plate, but still give you guys everything you deserve on the site, especially with a newborn around now.


Total: $967.65


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How Did February Goals Go?


Get March Posts Set Up and Ready to Go – Kind of hit. March’s posts are all written and ALMOST ready to go. I just have a few pictures to take and they will be all set!

Have a Baby! – Hit. Baby is healthy and already a month old!

Take Some Unnoticeable Time off with the Baby – Did not hit. I would’ve liked to take a little more time off in February. It’s been tough to focus and make the most of my time.

Decide on my Next Course to Take in the Ultimate Blogger’s Toolkit – Did not hit. I will take a new course soon, but I’ve decided right now is not the time. I am still working on juggling a 3 year old and newborn in the house while blogging. Once I get that down better, this will be back on the table!


March Goals


Take Full Days Off from Blogging Every Week

Get April’s Posts Ready to Go

Batch Work to Be More Time Efficient

Make $1K Again This Month



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Arianne P

Tuesday 12th of March 2019

That’s great that you were able to have a baby and get back to work! Congrats on your +1,000$ this month!


Saturday 16th of March 2019

Thank you Adrianne! I was hoping to take some time off, but I guess I didn't need to. Felt nice getting right back into my daily routine!

Sarah @ Sweet Miles

Friday 8th of March 2019

Wow! Great job!! You are killing it mama!


Friday 8th of March 2019

You had a great month! We're still trying to figure out these roller-coaster months of revenue.


Friday 8th of March 2019

This is so helpful to see!


Friday 8th of March 2019

Wow! That’s amazing! Congrats!