March Blog Income Report

March Blog Income Report – 2019


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March Blog Income Report – March was another record-breaking month for Journey to SAHM! I love saying that. I saw an increase in not only air fryer articles, but also in parenting ones as well. I’m dreading the summer slump months that are coming ahead, but hey, at least I know to expect them.

Why a summer slump? The weather is getting nicer and less people are hibernating indoors. That means less people are on their phones and computers while they spend more time with family and friends (at least that’s what I will be doing).

With that warm weather coming, I figured I would share some smart knowledge for you so you can spend more time outdoors away from your sites as well. And of course my blog income report too!



Blog Smarter Not Harder

Have you ever put in 30 hours a week into your blog to feel proud of all the work you accomplished just to see minimal results? It sucks, right?

Sometimes we can put hours into the BEST post you’ve ever written for it to see a measly 10 views a day. Even when you’re on Pinterest pinning CONSTANTLY!

Why is that?

You can write from your heart and pour your entire soul into a post, but it just doesn’t take off like you expected.

Or even worse, you write something you KNOW is a selling point for your target audience, have your post fail like nobody’s business, and then see other bloggers succeeding on Pinterest when your post is clearly better.

Heart stabbed.


The trick? Work smarter!


What do I mean by that? Do your research and put money into your blog that gives back to you. Still confused? Then keep reading.


How to Work Smarter


Keywording Pins

Let’s talk Pinterest here. Learn to keyword your pins. What are others looking for? Well, Pinterest TELLS YOU!

Search what you’re talking about very vaguely. If you’re in the fashion niche, you could search something like “spring fashion.” Now use all those keywords listed below to create your pin!


Pinterest Keywording Tutorial


It could go something like this:

“The best 2019 minimalist spring fashion outfits for women over 40. Try out these plus sized casual trends you’ll never want to take off. Dress your best this year! #springtrends #2019fashion #fashion”

Now I’m not a fashion blogger for women over 40 and I don’t recommend writing about that topic unless that is your niche or something your audience likes, but you get the idea!


Also, Pinterest has updated their website and no longer pulls the alt attribute in images in WordPress. Debbie over at The Flooring Girl has an amazing article that walks you through how to still use pin descriptions without any extra plug-ins that will slow down your site.


Pinning Strategy

Good old Pinterest. It’s every blogger’s dream, but also nightmare. Your views go up and down. You spend at least 30 minutes on it every day pinning your heart out.

Let’s get real. You can put the same effort into Pinterest in just an hour a month and spend the rest of your time growing your website by writing, taking courses, etc.

The answer is Tailwind. I invested in Tailwind just 3 months into blogging. I remember talking to my husband trying to justify spending $120 for an annual subscription. It was so much and I was making about $20 a month! I can’t help but laugh now.

Tailwind has been my best purchase I’ve made as a blogger. You can pin everything you need in an hour a month and have all the other time in the world to grow. And grow I did.

Let me break down how much of a time saver it is for you. Say you spend 30 minutes a day on Pinterest 7 days a week. Us bloggers don’t get “off time,” do we?

With an average of 30 days a month, that’s 900 minutes, or 15 hours on Pinterest! Meaning you could spend 180 hours on Pinterest every year.



If you invest in Tailwind, you can spend just 1 hour on Pinterest a month. That means you can spend an extra 14 hours a month or 168 hours a year growing your site.

If you’re a mom like me, time is precious.

I hear so many people in Facebook groups wondering how people have so much time to do everything as a blogger and it’s truly because of Tailwind.

Within 2 months, I made back my $120 and started to grow my business (yes, blogging IS a business) to what it is now at  $1,400 a month!


Oh, and once you have all that free time, THE course to take is Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers by Carly Campbell. Yep, you can have time to learn how to make even more money on your blog! It’s a life changer.


March Income Report to Work Smarter

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March Blog Income Stats


Page Views: 52,399
Sessions: 40,958
Bounce Rate: 84.16%


Mom Blog March Income Stats


Income Report


Income: $1,402.12


Affiliate Income: $200.12

I saw one of my top affiliate posts drop in ranking on Google, which hurt sales in the beginning of the month. I went back to help improve the SEO and saw this increase again. I will be back in on that post adding more content to hopefully help keep it at the top.


Ad Income: $855.51

This was the highest ad income I’ve seen yet! The RPM (amount paid per 1K views) was up almost double in March from February. This will most likely drop as we begin a new quarter.

I saw my first $45 day and I hope to see more of those as the year goes on!


Sponsored Posts/Products: $346.49



Expenses: $0

Yep! I’ve been keeping my expenses down these last few months as I ponder a few bigger purchases. I am a blogging minimalist and only use things that will grow my site and will get me a higher return than what I pay (Tailwind, I’m looking at you!).


Total: $1,402.12



How did March Goals Go?


Take Full Days Off from Blogging Every Week – Did not hit. I am getting better at taking time off as I plan my posts farther and farther out.

Taking a full day off hasn’t happened, but I feel like I have had much more free time as of lately when it comes to blogging.

Get April’s Posts Ready to Go – Basically hit. I am working on my final touches with my last April post and will be planning for May within the next day or 2.

Batch Work to Be More Time Efficient – Hit. Batch working is AMAZING! I plan all my posts at once and then just focus on writing them.

Yes, the little stuff can get in the way sometimes, but writing everything all at once has been great.

Make $1K Again This Month – Hit. I was nervous writing this as a goal. I hate having income-based goals when you never know what will happen, especially with Pinterest having an update and algorithm change.

But here I am with another record month that always leaves me in awe!


April Goals


Take One Full Day Off

Completely Finish May’s Posts

Start Thinking about Christmas

Start Taking a Course or Reading an eBook through the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit


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  • Lani

    You crushed in in March! I really need to get better at batching my blog posts and social media posts. Thanks for sharing beauty. Here’s to an even more successful April!


  • Shirley

    This is so inspiring! I am contemplating on Tailwind and trying to justify the cost especially when I see posts like “How I Pin Manually with Trello”. Have you ever tried that? Thanks for a great post!

    • Samantha

      It was hard for me to justify it as well, but when my Pinterest views to my blog went up like crazy, it ended up being worth it. My affiliate sales and ad revenue went up and I qualified for Mediavine.

      I’ve never used Trello in that aspect, but do use it with my virtual assistant. Really the breakdown is time. With Trello you are manual pinning and it’s not automatic, but with Tailwind it’s automatic so you don’t have to think about it. That way you could go on vacation for a week and not have to worry about your views going down or pinning while on vacation. I do recommend Carly Campbell’s course Pinteresting Strategies if you’re interested in manual pinning. I started manual pinning with that before going automated and it taught me so much about Pinterest as a blogger!

  • Kristi

    Man, I hope to be making ANYTHING from my blog this year. Even $5. I keep telling myself I didn’t even start a blog to monetize it, but ever since I started searching how to start a blog and starting seeing more and more pins about how to make money from it…now that’s a dream of mine!

    • Samantha

      You will get there Kristi! I had a plan to make $20 by 6 months into blogging and I even surprised myself. Just do your research and don’t be afraid to invest a little money into learning more!

  • Mai

    Hi Samantha!

    I am celebrating with you on this success! I am so glad I am in this mom blogging biz with people like you. So many things to learn and hopefully get me to my own success too!
    I’m on my 4th month blogging now and still struggling with traffic though I am happy that the stat is improving yet very gradual.

    Kudos! And cheers to more successes!

    • Samantha

      Thanks Mai! The first 6 months of blogging are the toughest! Make sure to take advantage of the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit that’s available right now to help you in the next year. 4 months is the perfect time to start diving in and taking more courses to learn how to drive more traffic.

    • Samantha

      Yes! I love manual pinning. I just don’t know how you find all that time to do other things! I found myself getting sucked into just pinning every day. Now I can analyze my stats and learn even more.

  • Stephanie

    Congratulations on your success! As a new blogger I find this articles very helpful and I always appreciate it when someone is honest about their income and really tries to help others achieve their goals!

  • Annie

    wow motivation! Thank you for sharing 🙂 My dream is to make income from my blog – still working on it, but posts like these help me to remember that it is possible. Thanks you! Love your blog!

  • Victoria

    Great read! I might have to think about investing in Tailwind. I don’t spend enough time on Pinterest and I really should be using it more. Thanks!! Great job!

    • Samantha

      It’s crazy how blogging is like a 24/7 thing Lorena. Whenever I try to take off a full day, I’m like well.. maybe I’ll just spend some time doing research. Oddly enough I accidentally took a day off this weekend. I might need to find a way to make that a habit. It was nice.

  • Trish

    Thank you for sharing. We just published our first income report last month. It’s so exciting! I really need do better at planning content ahead of time.

    • Samantha

      Congrats on the first income report Trish! That’s an exciting thing to do. It took me some time to get planning content ahead of time, but now that I am, I’ve never felt more organized.

    • Samantha

      You are so sweet Alison! The first 6 months are truly the hardest, so just stick with it! Also with summer coming, most people are outside, so expect your views to dip a little. Come September you should see some growth.

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