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Bump Update: Week 22

Bump Update: Week 22

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We’re at week 22! These weeks are starting to blur together and fly by. I don’t mind that. We are so stuck on baby names, so fingers crossed we will come up with something before he gets here! Baby is the size of a coconut and is almost a full 12 inches long and 1lb. It’s crazy how much he is growing.
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A Few Week 22 Highlights


Activity Level


This week

Days of Strength Training: 0

I’ve gotten a bit lazy on these. I honestly have no excuses as to why I am not doing it other than I am more tired and spending a little more time on my blog.

Days of Other Workouts: 1

One long corn maze. It was our 10th year going in a row together and this was the toughest one yet. We did finish the entire thing though! (~5 miles)



Pre-pregnancy: +7.8lbs

This week: -.2lbs


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My week 22 bump update! Follow my weekly pregnancy updates to see what my pregnancy symptoms and cravings are. We had our gender reveal last week! Check out my bump progression pictures week by week. #mommytobe #babybump #pregnancy #baby #momlife



I’m hungry!

I am still hungry all the time. I found myself starving in the middle of the night and contemplating if I should get up and eat this past week. It’s like an immediate hunger out of nowhere. I am trying to eat smaller meals during the day to keep my appetite at bay a little better.


Small Bladder

I think this might be partly due to me upping my water intake to prevent stretch marks (LINK), but I have to go pee a lot more than before. Usually I have some time to hold it when I am doing something, but lately it’s like the baby is pushing on my bladder and I must drop everything and go immediately. Since I am only 22 weeks, I am a little nervous about what this could look like in another 10-15 weeks!

Right now, I can stay in bed all night without having to go by going twice in the last 30 minutes I am up. Fingers crossed this keeps up.


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Uncomfortable Sleep

I am a stomach and back sleeper. To fall asleep, I usually have to go on my stomach. It’s the most comfortable. If you’ve ever been pregnant or even just imagine what it might look like if a person were to sleep on their stomach while pregnant, you know it’s virtually impossible. You’re stuck sleeping on your side and that’s not even comfortable anymore.

I have been waking up in the middle of the night and am finding it difficult to get comfortable enough to fall back asleep. I end up going on my phone for about 15-20 minutes to get my mind off it and then trying again. Sometimes I am up for 30 minutes, other times it’s up to 2 hours.


Baby Kicks

I swear this baby never flutter kicked. I used to get nervous as to why I wasn’t feeling the baby kick by the time I had in my first pregnancy. Now, this baby is kicking up a storm. I’m pretty sure bed time means party time for him while he kicks and punches me while I’m sleeping to wonder why I am not moving. Either way, that’s probably why I am waking up at night. I’m hoping this is not a sign of things to come when the baby gets here.


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Cravings and Aversions



My cravings have tamed down a little bit and I am more rational about what I eat… sometimes.

Stouffers Mac and Cheese: Still on the mac and cheese. I bought a few extra boxes at Target since it’s a little cheaper than where we normally shop at Wegmans.

Apples: Apples and everything. Apple pie, apples with salted caramel, sautéed apples, apple sauce. Basically, if it has apples in it, I want it.

Chocolate: I have always been obsessed with chocolate and it continues. I found out about Hershey’s Toaster Strudels this week and they’re delicious. It’s the first time I’ve ever had a toaster strudel (gasp! I know), but I may never turn back.


What I eat to try to curb the cravings:

Apples (since they’re healthy anyway!)

I need to get back to my frozen grapes as I think that will help

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